The Grand Tour vs Top Gear: Who drives away victorious?

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and The Stig (BBC)
Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and The Stig (BBC)

Cape Town – South African YouTuber, Calvin Fisher, has taken on the task of reviewing The Grand Tour versus Top Gear.

When Jeremy Clarkson threw a fit over a steak, few people could predict that the Top Gear universe would come crumbling down.

Fast forward months later and the original show is but a shadow of its former self with Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May getting back in the game with a brand new show.

According to Fisher, the move from Top Gear to The Grand Tour was not as disastrous as everyone might have thought.

"I think the general verdict has been resounding. Clarkson, Hammond and May have emerged victorious, largely by just doing what they’ve always done, in a style they’ve cultivated over decades of producing the world’s best car show," Fisher says.