We had a quickie with <em>All Access</em> presenters Mbali Nkosi and Anga Makubalo

Johannesburg - All Access is back but this time it’s fresh, filled with the latest showbiz news, interviews and hosted by new presenters.

Season 10 recently kicked off on Mzansi Magic.

We chatted to presenters Mbali Nkosi and Anga Makubalo about the new show.

tvplus: How are you feeling about your first presenting job?

Mbali: I'm extremely amped, no one can describe how thrilled I am, I have been pushing for this moment for a long time and I feel extremely blessed.

tvplus:How did it come about?

Mbali: I was requested to come in for an audition, which was followed, by a couple of callbacks and the rest is history.

tvplus: What are you most looking forward to?

Mbali: I'm looking forward to the whole experience, doing a job I love, meeting people, going to events, traveling etc.

tvplus: And your two co-hosts - what's your relationship with them like?

Mbali: We all get along, feel honoured to be paired with talented, successful and household names such as Nomzamo and Anga.

tvplus: What's the best part about this job - be honest?

Mbali: Honestly! The best part of this job for me is getting the opportunity to meet people I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet and the events of course.

tvplus: You're an actress, dancer and singer as well. Any chance we'll see you back on those platforms again soon?

Mbali: Most definitely! All in due course.


tvplus: Welcome to the world of presenting - how's that going so far?

Anga: Thank you. It's going great, it's not unfamiliar though. I presented a youth TV show called Hectic9nine back in 2010 for a year. So I fitted right in with All Access Mzansi.

tvplus: What has been your greatest challenge trying something new like this?

Anga: No challenges thus far, presenting is about bringing out your personality and being yourself, I enjoy being myself on screen, and it’s fun.

tvplus: What made you decide to make the switch?

Anga: Presenting has always been something I wanted to do, so I'm glad I can finally do it on a larger scale.

tvplus: You work with two beautiful ladies - what's that like?

Anga: It's awesome! Nomzamo and Mbali both have great energy and lovely personalities so it's easy and fun to work with them, and they're beautiful too, so it's a plus.

tvplus: What can we expect from you on All Access?

Anga:I'm bringing on a different feel, All Access Mzansi is a classy show and I want to bring a bubblier energy to it, as opposed to it being serious.

tvplus: Will we see you acting again anytime soon?

Anga: I'm currently on Zbondiwe shot by Penguin Films, Tuesdays at 21:30. Also, I just shot a drama series with Ferguson Films for Mzansi Magic, this will be airing early next year some time. I've still been very much involved with acting and have more series to do.

Watch a teaser for the next episode here:

Tune into All Access Mzansi on Fridays at at 19:00 on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161).

(Photos: Mzansi Magic)