4 celebs who’ve walked on fire and lived to tell the tale

Brace your feet for the hot upcoming episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)
Brace your feet for the hot upcoming episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)

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They say that the mind is a strong tool, a powerful weapon, especially when used to its full capacity and ability.

But, is it strong enough to let you walk on fire and come out the other side unsinged?

That’s what a few life coaches, like Anthony Robbins, believes. He believes that if you really put your mind to it you could walk on smouldering coals and live to tell the tale. The philosophy is simple – he argues that if you can put bare, supple feet on emblazoned coals and not get burned, you can do anything.

Robbins has many celebrity followers of his teachings and many have attended some of his life coaching workshops and sessions – which involves the daunting task of crossing a trail path of glowing embers.

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Whether it was a feature in your favourite show or movie or a real-life cathartic experience, there’s a level of bravery required to walk on glowing coals.

These bold and iconic women tread fire and lived to tell the tale:

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer did not attend one of Robbins’s seminars. However, she made all of us proud of her character Pam in the beloved and timeless series The Office when she was the only character who successfully braved a bed of hot coals in the show’s third season. This epic show moment marked the dawn of a new, bolder and empowered Pam.


On a feature of Oprah’s Next Chapter in 2012 we see the talk show mogul visit a Tony Robbins event where she and a group of people take on the fiery challenge. The crowd is hyped up and encourage by the chanting of ‘yes’ in the atmosphere and Oprah herself is guided by Robbins beforehand. She puts on her game face after fresh coals were added, shouted three victorious yesses in a truly empowering Oprah-way before trotting with bravado and ease over the glowing trail.

Michelle Heaton

What would you do for charity? Well, Michelle Heaton took on the heated task of walking on fire to give back. A charity fundraising event held by Haven House in 2016 featured a pathway of coals for attendees to tread over in support of the children’s hospice.

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer, along with fellow Good Morning America colleagues, took on the dare to tread over burning coals back in 2008.

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