These 5 celebs get a green thumbs up

See what DJ Zinhle gets up to in the latest episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)
See what DJ Zinhle gets up to in the latest episode of Not A Diva. (Image: Supplied)

It’s that time of the week again. The time to get your weekly dose of female empowerment meets adrenaline as a new episode of Not A Diva reaches your TV screens. SA’s hot new show is brought to you by the female-focused insurance company 1st for Women who offer insurance specifically designed for women. 

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting your hands wrist deep in the soft earth and mulch for a round of gardening. 

The solace of the fresh scent of the damp soil and the comfort of creating magic with it is truly a rewarding craft. However, the craft isn't always just planting a delicate flower or pruning a bonsai tree, it can also involve the daunting task of having to completely re-landscape your outdoor space to suit your garden vision. 

Up for the challenge though, catch local icon, DJ Zinhle, as she takes to the woods for a round of tree felling garden maintenance in the upcoming episode of 1st for Women's Not A Diva. You can catch all the lumber action on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Thursday, June 13 at 21:30. 

Some of our favourite garden enthusiasts and celeb queens who are known for their magical green thumbs include: 

Michelle Obama

Having kept the White House vegetable gardens pristine for two full terms, Michelle Obama made sure that it would last after she left office. She regularly invited school children to garden alongside her and renovated the patches in 2016 to ensure that it lasts permanently.  


Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah is no stranger to working a garden, the global mogul has frequently hosted fellow gardening enthusiasts and experts on her show and is known for growing her own vegetables as well. 


Nicole Kidman  

The Big Little Lies star also has a magic green thumb. She enjoys gardening and just last year shared this enviable image of her vibrant and pretty pink roses.  

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Last of my homegrown roses this summer.

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Martha Stewart 

Not only is Martha Stewart a cooking queen, but she’s also known for her incredible gardening skills. She’s even given pro-gardening tips to her viewers countless times to ensure their gardens are just as gorgeous as hers. 

Reese Witherspoon 

Much like her Big Little Lies co-star, Witherspoon also enjoys working the garden. Amid her aesthetic and fluid social media posts, you’ll find some of her nature gems sprouted, much like this one she shared of her vegetable harvests. 


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