Where local celebs’ hearts lie for volunteering and giving back to Mzansi

Watch as Lockdown's Lorcia Khumalo puts out fires and rumours of what a diva can do. (Image: Supplied)
Watch as Lockdown's Lorcia Khumalo puts out fires and rumours of what a diva can do. (Image: Supplied)

It’s that time of the week again. The time to get your weekly dose of female empowerment meets adrenaline as a new episode of Not A Diva reaches your TV screens. SA’s hot new show is brought to you by the female-focused insurance company 1st for Women who offer insurance specifically designed for women and donate a portion of every premium to fight against woman abuse.       

There’s an undeniable sense of goodness that washes over the spirit when investing some time into giving back and doing our part. 

Whether you donate to charities, assist in food drives or, as  Lockdown starlet, Lorcia Kumalo, will soon demonstrate, volunteer as a firefighter – it’s both important and replenishing to help uplift our society. 

Stoking and taming the flames on the upcoming episode of Not A Diva, Kumalo, will try her hand at firefighting as she proves that divas aren’t averse to getting their hands dirty and putting out fires. 

Be sure to catch all the lit action in 1st for Women's latest Not A Diva episode which will hit your screens on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Thursday, May 16 at 21:30.  

You too can volunteer as a firefighter by joining the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) team. Find out more about that here

So, what are some ways some other local celebs give back? Well, here are some of our Mzansi faves and how they choose to give back to the community: 

Thando Thabethe – Along with her Make It Stop campaign, she also hosts an annual Netball Challenge on Women’s Day which advocates awareness against women abuse, creating conversation around gender equality and women empowerment. The event has raised over R300 000 towards NGOs and charities that work towards the empowerment of women.


Nandi Madida – This Saffa starlet and gorgeous mother is known to advocate and partake in many campaigns that strive to positively impact the community. Whether she is speaking out at an anti-xenophobia campaign or teaching young girls about image-positivity, Madida aims to use her platform and resources for good.

Bonang Matheba - This Mo'ghel has a partnership with Boston Colleges and uses her platform, riches and fame to help fund the studies young women leaving matric through her bursary initiative. She also hosts a line of t-shirts and clothing aimed at promoting female empowerment.  

Miss South Africa 2018, Tamaryn Green, and other Mzansi celebs took liberty of their 67 minutes in 2018 and gave back in true Madiba fashion by painting schools, planting trees and dedicating time to listen and sympathise with the abused and orphaned youth of SA. 

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