Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Part 4

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Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Photo: Liane Hentscher/Netflix


3/5 Stars


Sabrina's new normal quickly dissolves as menacing spirits set their sights on Greendale. In a battle of supernatural wits, who will be left standing?


What is worse than Sabrina Spellman? Two Sabrina Spellmans! And this is what we and the people of Greendale have to deal with in this final instalment of the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina.

It took Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) all of 13 minutes to remind us why she is the worst character on this show.

In case you forgot, last season left us with two Sabrinas, and the world wept. Or that might have just been me.  Sabrina Morningstar was relegated to be the Queen of Hell while Sabrina Spellman got to go back to have her mortal life in Greendale. Everyone wins, right? Wrong! Because after living her regular life for a bit, Sabrina Spellman's selfishness raises its head and she is bored. And we are all well aware of what happens when Sabrina gets bored and selfish. As usual, everyone else ends up paying the price.

Surprisingly, Sabrina Morningstar is the less annoying "twin" so to say.  When Sabrina Spellman inevitably disregards Ambrose's (Chance Perdomo) warning about meeting with the other Sabrina she finds that Sabrina Morningstar has found happiness and love in Hell.

But Greendale does not only have to worry about Sabrina's shenanigans but also the eight Eldritch Terrors that Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle) called upon when he opened that mystical time-warping egg at the end of part 3. In a word: Messy.

Each episode sees Sabrina and her friends, including her new secret best friend Sabrina Morningstar, face off against one of these Eldritch Terrors: The Darkness, The Uninvited, The Weird, The Perverse, The Cosmic, The Returned, The Endless and The Void.

I enjoy a good meta episode, so the second last episode where Sabrina Morningstar finds herself in a TV version of her life with Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) played by the actresses who played the roles in the beloved 1996 show Sabrina the Teenage Witch was both plot-driven and a nice shout out to everyone who wanted a talking Salem.

The thing about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is that it's an excellent horror show. Unfortunately for this show, it has the most annoying main character, which makes it hard to watch sometimes. But characters like Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), Ambrose and Zelda (Miranda Otto) kept me invested. Prudence deserves far more credit than she gets and remains the MVP of this show. It's also wonderful that despite loving Sabrina, they aren't afraid to point out how she's messing up.

Ambrose is on the verge of a mental breakdown trying to clean up after her all season and Sabrina is more concerned about running for class president. So when she actually owns up and not only takes responsibility but also actually fixes her own mess, both Ambrose and I were shocked.

In the end, though, Greendale gets the peace it deserves after having to deal with Sabrina Spellman for seventeen years.



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