Love is Blind S3

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Nancy Rodriguez in Love Is Blind S3.
Nancy Rodriguez in Love Is Blind S3.
Photo: Netflix


Love is Blind S3, episodes 1-7




2/5 Stars


Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating in Dallas where they hope to meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with...without ever having seen them. With no distractions from the outside world, the singles talk to a stream of potential love interests and when a meaningful connection is made, they propose and then lay their eyes on their fiancé for the first time. Engaged and back in the real world, as the couples plan their wedding day, they will quickly discover whether they can turn their emotional connection into a physical one before the fast-approaching ceremony.


Warning: This review contains spoilers

Three seasons in, and it's safe to say that Netflix's social dating experiment is a big failure; I mean, look at the track record of the couples of season 2.

The streaming service has been pumping out new seasons of the show fast and furious, resulting in subpar production. With the novelty of the first season wearing off, the creators and the casting crew opted for entertainment rather than earnestly looking for people who are searching for love. We've seen from season 1 that it is possible to find love on the show; Lauren and Cameron, and Barnett and Amber (who would have thought), are still going strong.

I have a lot of issues with this season. Right off the bat, in episode 1, we could already see who the couples would be as they were shoved down our throats. I wish they could have added more variety; show us some more dates; why cast 30 singles when you're only going to focus on a handful? You're wasting our time and the time of the singles. I find it hard to believe that Colleen 'I'm a ballet dancer' was more interesting than any other singles.

Speaking about casting, this is a topic that was raised in the previous season too. Casting Black women, using them in all the trailers and promos, but when the season airs, they are background characters, maybe they get some screen time when they're on a strange date when someone is talking about a kink or something, and sometimes they are seen comforting the 'main cast'. I fully agree with Lauren's tweet: "I don't like how LIB be cutting all the Black women. How come they are always in the trailer but not the show."

She continued: "I know it's slim pickings, but about 85% of them couples be forced (just moving forward for entertainment purposes) anyway. Y'all could at least force some more sisters to move forward throughout the show."

Looking at Colleen's forced storyline, she was rejected twice but still managed to get through to the main cast! And this doesn't go for LIB only; it goes for all the reality shows in the Netflix dating universe. I know you can start doing better Netflix!

One of the things that made LIB season 1 so good is that it was tough to find out anything about the cast members on social media and in the media. I was hard investigating in season 1, I couldn't find anything, and I am good at snooping. But the season 2 and 3 casts are overexposed, doing interviews, making TikTok videos and interacting on social media. At this point, the mystery has disappeared; you might as well release all the episodes at once, Netflix.

As for the couples, they do choose the same type of characters… every season.

The first couple to get engaged were Alexa and Brennon. Alexa comes from a very affluent background, while Brennon grew up without AC and heat. I get why they chose this couple; it's the perfect romantic comedy trope "will love conquer all when people from two very different backgrounds meet and fall in love." When they met, I felt that Brennon was doing all the work; I didn't see that Alexa was really into him. I felt for Brennon when he got grilled by her father, who wanted to know if he could maintain the lifestyle that Alexa was used to. Meanwhile, the dude is still paying off student loans. I'm not married; however, I genuinely feel that marriage is a partnership, and both partners should be responsible for creating the life they want to live.

Next, we have Cole and Zanab; Cole's surname is Barnett. I wonder if he is related to Matt in some way (insert eye-raising emoji). We learn that Cole got married after dating for two months and then divorced after four months. Doesn't that make it feel like he did this show before in the real world? Anyway, I digress. Zanab is an air hostess with some self-esteem issues, and being with Cole isn't helping her. I wish she could see how beautiful she is. Their biggest drama is Cole being attracted to Colleen (who he rejected in the pods) and Cole's family not wanting to meet Zanab. (insert dramatic music)

Over to Colleen and Matt, this is one of those forced storylines I mentioned earlier. After being rejected by Brennon and Cole, Colleen finds love with Matt. Matt is also a divorcee; his college sweetheart cheated on him with his friend and fell pregnant. Hectic! I don't get this couple, there's a lot of physical attraction, but I don't see an emotional connection between them. Matt was ready to pack it up after Colleen and Cole had an interaction during a group date. Matt is projecting what happened in his past relationship onto Colleen, and it's pretty scary to watch when he goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. Instead of coming on a reality show, people should instead go to therapy and deal with their issues the healthy way before bringing in innocent people into their mess.

Moving on to Nancy and Bartise, who labelled himself as not your typical 25-year-old (rolls eyes), then proceeded to display his immaturity as soon as he met one of the women he dated in the pods. Their physical attraction started out strong and fizzled out when they had a serious conversation about abortion. Their views are different, and after throwing her under the bus when they met his family, Bartise started being cold and distant towards Nancy. This is not how you treat someone to who you are looking to get married. It's painful to watch a beautiful, intelligent, successful woman be manipulated and gaslighted.

So far, my highlight of the show is Nancy's mom calling out Bartise at their first meeting, "I'm watching you, I'm observing you because I can tell from your eyes if you're lying. When you talking and trying to pretend you are somebody else that you are not."

Rounding out, the couples are Raven and SK. SK appears to be the sweetest guy on this show; as for Raven, I'm not certain she came onto this show for love; she's been selling herself hard as a fitness trainer, and her whole personality revolves around it. While SK is sweet, I also don't understand why he came onto this show; he has a two-year scholarship to Berkeley in LA waiting for him, which means he will be moving there full-time. So, how does he expect to have a marriage while his partner is in Dallas? Raven doesn't seem into him at all; now add on the distance. I will eat my sock if these two say yes at the altar.

So far, Love is Blind season 3 has been a frustrating watch; I don't see any of these couples making it further than the altar. They have a lot to work on if they want to get married to each other. I also think it's about time that Netflix relooks the formula of the show; it would be beneficial to bring in professional guidance from therapists if the show's goal is to help singles find love.

Three seasons in, I've thrown away my rose-tinted glasses because love is not blind; this is yet another superficial dating show.


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