Tomorrow with You

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Lee Je-hoon in Tomorrow with You.
Lee Je-hoon in Tomorrow with You.
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Tomorrow With You




4/5 Stars


Real-estate CEO Yoo So-joon uses his ability to travel through time to marry photographer Song Ma-rin in an attempt to change his future.


If you could see the future and could change it, would you? That's the premise of the fantasy romance Tomorrow with You.

CEO of a real estate company Yoo So-joon (Lee Je-hoon), has a secret, after surviving a subway accident, he can travel through time via a subway. After seeing his death in the future, he discovers that Song Ma-rin (Shin Min-a), a former child star turned amateur photographer, dies on the same day as he did. To find out their mysterious connection and prevent both their future deaths, he decides to marry her.

Shows with time-travelling elements can be complicated and convoluted with the 'science' of time-travelling. This show keeps it very simple So-joon takes the subway; when his ride reaches the 90-second mark, he transports to the future. He can't travel to the past, and he cannot travel to a date beyond his lifespan. There's a bit of a 'final destination' element surrounding his death that becomes clearer as the show goes on.

The strength of the series lies in the relationship between So-joon and Ma-rin. Initially, So-joon wasn't that into Ma-rin; she is, for lack of a better phrase, a hot mess. A one-hit child star, who gets very drunk on occasion, passes out anywhere in public, making her the target for tabloids. As he gets to know her better, he gradually falls in love with her. I will be honest; it was a bit off-putting in the beginning that he got married to her for the wrong reasons and hiding this big secret, especially because she was all in it. But he redeems himself as his feelings develop, and who can resist a handsome man sacrificing himself for the love of his life. I haven't watched many K-Dramas with a married couple. I enjoyed the more intimate snapshots of their day to day lives as a married couple, the ups and downs, the silliness, and just adjusting from being single to married.

Individually the characters also show growth throughout the series. In the beginning, So-joon is closed off and distant. Not only is he dealing with the guilt of his parent's death, but also the burden of knowing the future weighs heavily on him. Once he lets his guard down and addresses his trauma, and you see how much he values the people close to him, you can't help but fall in love with him. On the other hand, Ma-rin struggles with being a former child star; people constantly call her on the name of the character she played. She struggles with the continuing judgement from strangers, and the endless news stories do a number on her self-esteem. She has a real knack for photography, and after finding meaningful work, she gains confidence and comes into herself.

When Lee Je-hoon and Shin Min-a are on screen together, you cannot take your eyes off them. They have amazing chemistry, which made the relationship come across so natural. They are just so adorable together, and there are so many swoon-worthy moments that will make any romantic's heart sing. They shine most as a couple in the raw, emotional scenes; the acting is so good that I had to remind myself that this is just a show. Together Je-hoon and Min-a carry the show well.

While the drama's primary focus is the romance aspect, there is also a suspense element in discovering what leads to their future deaths. The development of that aspect of the show was a bit slow, but it picks up when you pass the halfway mark, and the villain is revealed. I have to mention Baek Hyun-jin, who plays Kim Young-jin. How he progressed from a seemingly ambitious company director to being driven by greed that leads him down a dangerous path was thrilling to watch. He embodied the role quite well.

When it comes to the themes explored in the series, first off, I like that the show didn't pass any moral judgement on what So-joon chooses to do with the knowledge he gains from the future. Let's be honest, who wouldn't play the winning lottery numbers if they knew them? Though brief, I also liked the show's commentary on how difficult life can be for child stars and the unfair stress that parents and the general public put on them, especially when they don't reach the potential envisioned for them. I think it's unfair to live your whole life in the shadow of a one-liner you said in a show at six years old, and the show subtly gets that across.

Lastly, there is the exploration of fate, that life is a predetermined course of events. Throughout the show, despite knowing what will happen and trying to change things, the outcome of some didn't change.

I highly recommend this series if you're in the mood for romance, suspense, and a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. The characters and the story stayed with me long after watching the final episode, twice.


Tomorrow With You (Trailer 1) ENG SUB from Eccho Rights on Vimeo.

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