Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun
Warrior Nun
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4/5 Stars


Inspired by the Manga novels, Warrior Nun revolves around a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease of life and a divine artifact embedded in her back. She discovers she is now part of an ancient order that has been tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and powerful forces representing both heaven and hell want to find and control her.


Warrior Nun is not reinventing the wheel, that's for sure. But why reinvent when it works so well. This show is right up my alley. Watching the trailer, I knew this would either be really good or really bad. A girl with superpowers fights monsters? Sound familiar? Yup, but I am in no way tired of this genre yet, so let's go.

The premise is slightly ridiculous, but you're meant to suspend your beliefs anyway. The story goes that while a Joan of Arc-type character lay dying on a battlefield, the angel Adriel gave her his Halo to save her life, and so the Warrior Nun was born. She formed the Order of the Cruciform Sword, and it's this lot who we meet in the opening scenes.

The latest Warrior Nun lays dying, and they are under attack. In what some call fate and others a mistake, the Halo gets transferred to a dead body that was once a 19-year-old quadriplegic called Ava. The Halo not only brings her back to life but also restores her ability to move her body and gives her superpowers.

I really like Ava, and it has been such a long time since I've watched a show where the main character wasn't the worst one on the show (I'm looking at you, Sabrina Spellman). Portuguese actress Alba Baptista is amazing in her first English-speaking role. She manages to convey Ava's fear, confusion and joy so authentically. Ava is snarky and strong, and not just in the physical sense. She reminds me of, dare I say it, the original Queen of Sass and Slayer of Vampires, Buffy Summers. Yes, I'm fully aware those are very big shoes to fill, but Ava does an admirable job.

It's a bit of a slow start, with the first half of the season seeing Ava coming to terms with her newfound freedom of not only being able to walk again but also just experiencing the simple and also extravagant things she's been missing out on while living at the orphanage. She takes up with a group of kids her age, and the whole thing seems a bit pointless because once Ava accepts her fate, they are just forgotten. JC who?

All the while The Order of the Cruciform Sword (aka The Order aka the OCS because that's just too long to keep saying all the time) try their level best to get this girl safely in their care. Because whenever Ava uses the Halo, the demons sense it and are trying to get it from her. Having no training whatsoever, she's in more danger than she is willing to admit to.

There are numerous Earthbound villains to contend with as well. Jillian Silvius, the CEO of tech company ARQ-Tech, wants to get her hands on Ava, you know, for science! But there are also threats coming from inside the Church. Cardinal Duretti seems to be up to no good, and his underhanded machinations cast him as untrustworthy.

The rest of the Sister Warriors are nicely rounded out with personalities that make each member of the team essential to Ava's survival and growth as a leader. Kudos really has to go to Sister Beatrice, who keeps them all from falling apart when they find themselves in uncertain circumstances. Ava has her best scenes with Shotgun Mary though, and their squabbling and inevitable friendship was probably one of the best parts of this show.

This was a very good set-up season, and I'm hoping the storyline will be a bit more cohesive in season two. It's definitely been set up to be an interesting one.