Andeline on The Bachelor SA: 'It was very unfair that I had to jump through hoops to impress him'

Andeline Weiland on 'The Bachelor SA.' (Photo supplied: M-Net)
Andeline Weiland on 'The Bachelor SA.' (Photo supplied: M-Net)

In the latest episode of The Bachelor SA, Marc Buckner said goodbye to Andeline Weiland.

The former Miss Teen Namibia had a rollercoaster journey on the show from clashing with Nolo to being snubbed from getting a rose from Marc on her one-on-one date.

We spoke to the 24-year-old about her time in the Bachelor mansion, her relationship with Marc, and found out whether or not she's found love yet.

Going into the rose ceremony, how confident were you that you would get a rose?

The rose ceremonies are extremely stressful so after my emotional outburst in episode four during the rose ceremony I had decided that I will stop placing an expectation on getting a rose and instead just focus on whether or not Marc and I were compatible. So, I was extremely calm and felt I had the same chance as everyone else at that point.

At that point, how would you have described your relationship with Marc?

We were getting to know each other and bond on similarities and what we wanted in life. I am very slow to fall in love as I feel it's very important to have a strong intellectual and emotional bond before you become physical. You have to be friends first. I think my pace was extremely normal for everyday dating scenarios, but in comparison to the rest, I believe Marc thought it was too slow, which I can respect.

Andeline says goodbye to Marc in 'The Bachelor SA.

(GOODBYE: Andeline says goodbye to Marc. Photo: M-Net)

You were upset after you saw other girls getting a rose on their dates when Marc told you he didn't want it to seem cheap to you. Why was that so heart-breaking to see? What was the breaking point for you?

It was very difficult for me to sit in the house, patiently waiting for my turn. I am not confrontational, and I don't like to steal or demand attention from Marc when he is clearly busy getting to know someone else, which instead of being rewarded meant I was put on the backburner. I worked very hard to impress him at the talent show and felt we had a perfectly reasonable first date. At the time not getting the rose was fine. But when Pasha was so negative about getting a second one-on-one and still returned with a rose, I felt it was very unfair that I had to jump through hoops to impress him and here he goes out of his way to try to make someone else happy. I wasn't given that same care. It almost felt like throwing a fit got you a date. What ultimately upset me was that he seemed to be telling every girl that he was into them and that he would like to get to know them better when there were so many differences between us. It didn't make sense to me that he wanted to kiss everyone and was attracted to everyone. I just kept thinking: "Hey man, if I am not your cup of tea then please stop wasting both our time and send me home because right now it feels like I am the only one trying".

Andeline and Marc on their one-on-one date in 'The

(DATE NIGHT: Andeline on her one-on-one with Marc. Photo: M-Net)

There were a lot of things said about Pasha, why did you feel that way about her?

The house didn't just turn on Pasha overnight; she is extremely volatile in her emotions. I didn't know how to communicate with someone who flipped their lid so quickly, so I avoided her as much as possible. My frustrations with her stemmed from the fact that I didn't see us having anything in common and therefore could not understand how Marc was into us both. When she got her fourth date, I realised he really did like her and I was over being there for the sake of filling a seat because I knew I couldn't compare myself to her. We are just two ends of the spectrum.

In the 'mostly like game,' you said Mulesa is most likely the best liar but then flipped it into a compliment. Having seen how it all played out on TV and how she felt, do you regret what you said?

I don't. The game was difficult to play as we had to put a name down even if we didn't think anyone was suitable. She and I actually got along very well, and I did go to her afterwards and again reiterated that I genuinely didn't mean it at all. I thought of everyone she would handle it the best. But it sucks to see her cry and I hope she realises that I truly had no malicious intent.

Watching the episodes now on TV – how do you feel about everything that went down in the house?

It's very strange watching it back as in reality TV there is your truth and the girls' truth. The girls did get along a lot of the time as well; I helped many of the girls that people would think of as my "enemy" with their hair and makeup or accessories throughout the show. They truly all are such brave people for entering this, and I wish everyone the best.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Knowing now that Pasha would have appreciated a face-to-face conversation instead, I probably would have liked to talk to her about how I felt. I also would have liked to have had a chance to tell Nolo how she made me feel for randomly singling me out. I had called her out for using incorrect political terminology, and she then took revenge on me by completely blindsiding us all. And lastly, I would have again liked the opportunity to defend myself from being called a liar with no basis as I never lied to anyone in that house, and apologise to Mulesa.

With regards to Marc, it is a pity, but I moved at a pace that I was comfortable with. I wouldn't change anything of how I dated him as I never discussed the ladies or his behaviour and only focused on getting to know him. I was me.

Andeline and Nolo have a confrontation during a ro

(A ROSE CEREMONY SHOWDOWN: Andeline and Nolo have words. Photo: M-Net).

Are you still looking for love?

I am waiting for it, yes. I've already received a few DMs and requests, but I need to be very clear: I am not going to date anyone online or accept lukewarm attempts to wooing me. I am very old school so, please gather up the courage to ask me out or contact me first. I promise to give it a shot if it makes sense, but I need a man to be confident to steal my heart.



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The Bachelor SA season 2 airs Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101). 

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