Pasha on 'The Bachelor SA': 'I'm a strong, real, straight-forward woman - and I don't speak behind other people's backs'


In this week's episode of The Bachelor SA, the ten remaining women played a little game that revealed what they think of each other.

In a bid to get to know the women better Marc headed over to the bachelor mansion to play 'Most likely to' in which he asks a series of questions and the women have to write down the name of the person who they think fits the bill.

It was awkward and uncomfortable, and there was one lady who was in the hot seat.

Pasha Dos Santos has had the women in a twist since she 'stole' the first date from Marisia and when she performed a sexy lap dance during the talent show the women had quite a lot to say, and even more when she got her second one-on-one date with Marc.


We spoke to Pasha to get her side of the story.

You were in the hot seat during the 'most likely to' game, did you feel ganged up on?

I did feel quite ganged up on, but I understand. It's easy to judge a book by its cover without even opening the book.

Why do you think the ladies in the house are so 'anti-Pasha'?

I think the ladies who are "anti-Pasha" are the ladies who don't know me, have no idea who I really am and haven't even had a proper conversation with me to get to know me. I'm also a strong, real, straight-forward, tells-it-like-it-is kind of woman which I think maybe they're intimidated by, and I don't speak behind other people's backs rather to their face if I have an issue to discuss.

You have now seen and heard all the things the women have said about you behind your back. Who surprised you the most by what they said about you?

Some of the comments said behind my back were quite shocking. The only reason why they are shocking is because they are 100%, not true. I also feel as women, we should be sticking together, strengthening and empowering each other, but instead, these ladies would gossip and talk behind other women's backs. If things were said to my face, I might've appreciated that more.

Pasha's name keeps coming up in 'The Bachelor SA'

(THIS IS AWKWARD: Pasha's name was the most popular. Photo: M-Net)

There seem to be two camps in the house. On the one side, there's you, Qiniso, Mulesa and Gillian. On the other side Bridget and everyone else. Did this happen naturally? And, why do you think there's this big divide?

I do think the little friendship groups form naturally. It's only natural in life as not every single human being will get along with everyone. Qiniso, Gillian, Mulesa and myself - our personalities and hearts just seem to click. We seem to see life through a different lens to the other group and understand that everyone has a different point of view, and we were more accepting of people's differences.

A lot of the women's reactions came from how you reacted when you got the one-on-one date card with Marc. Looking back now, can you see how your reaction came across and why the women reacted that way?

Looking back, I can see why the ladies reactions were what they were when I got the one-on-one date as it was my second one-on-one date with Marc already. I'm not going to go into detail, but I genuinely wasn't feeling well that morning - if it were in real life I would've stayed home and done nothing. All the ladies didn't know how I was feeling, and I didn't voice it to them. I understand their reactions, but I also think I'm very real and can't hide my emotions.

Mulesa and Pasha in 'The Bachelor SA.'

(IT'S NOT JUST A GAME: Pasha in tears after the game. Photo: M-Net)

At the cocktail party, you wanted to clear things up with Marc; you were very vulnerable with him. Did you feel like it strengthened your relationship with him?

I do think being vulnerable with Marc strengthened our relationship. The whole point is to be able to show who we really are in a short amount of time.

Who do you think isn’t there for the right reasons?

To be honest I'm not sure who's not here for the right reasons. It's not something I really think or care about as I'm here for one man and that's my mission.


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The Bachelor SA season 2 airs Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101). 

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