Friends & Friction: Get rich off the ‘Dumb Trump Fund’

A lot of white people are quietly supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying he is the only man who has the guts to say what the majority of whites believe, but would dare not say.

Good for them, because I am prepared to say what a lot of black people would dare not say.

Many white people are angry because US President Barack Obama has done an excellent job in running his country.

The dollar is at its strongest, the US economy is creating jobs and Obama has cleaned up the mess made by his predecessor, George W Bush – so effectively, in fact, that white people cannot bear that a black person is doing better than a white person, even if it is to their benefit. They are totally blinded by their prejudices.

White people are ignoring all the warning signs and the voices of reason, including that of Pope Francis, who took the unusual step of publicly questioning Trump’s Christianity.

It is not for me to teach white people about the evils of racism; greater men and women before me have tried and failed.

So, like white people do, we must adopt a coldly capitalist view and aim to benefit from this situation.

Trump will be good for our economy.

Expect a racial war to break out when he gets into the White House. It will be a bigger and deadlier repeat of the racial riots that hit the US from time to time.

If the killing of black people continued at this rate under President Obama, you can only imagine the level it will reach under President Donald Trump. In that highly charged environment, the support for black liberation movement #BlackLivesMatter will explode, and we will see the return of armed black groups such as the Black Panthers.

New black militant leaders will emerge, arguing that the paradigm of peace, as espoused by great leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr, is now over.

Since we now live in a globally connected world, expect race riots across the Western world.

When people feel unsafe, most turn to God; but investors turn to gold, which is seen as an investment haven.

This will push up the price of the precious metal, keeping our mines in business.

And so Eskom will have to deliver.

Black children are raised to “turn the other cheek”. Since it is not in your nature to take revenge, it’s best to turn off that tap, seal all those leaks and save that money.

Understand that it is very hard to make money, and very easy to lose it all.

You are wise if you worry about your health while you are healthy; wiser still if you worry about adversity during a time of prosperity.

And posterity is reserved for you if you run while everyone else is blinded by the tears in their eyes.

Serve your community, but be a slave to neither their cheers nor fancies – and leave that new German car and other status symbols alone.

Remember that the sun may shine equally on all of us – the godly and the ungodly – but unlike rain, wealth does not fall on all of us equally.

Make your own rain and ensure you have your wind turbine up and running, so when that windfall of folly comes along, you are ready to catch it and profit from it.

Start a “Dumb Trump Fund”, whose sole objective is to help you benefit from the stupidity of the white people who will vote
for him.

True, we are taught to forgive those who trespass against us, but nowhere do we read that we must never get rich from their follies.

Kuzwayo is the founder of Ignitive, an advertising agency


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