#TrendingAwards2018: It was the year of the environment


It’s always been somewhat of a second concern to people, this notion of global warming. But this year the evidence became even more difficult to ignore and we’ve all started taking note.

Already we have a phenomenon called environmental migration, where the poorest, particularly in Africa, are forced to leave their homes because the environment no longer supports life.

If current conditions persist, Mauritius will disappear in 25 years, swallowed by rising ocean levels. Meanwhile, the US – one of the largest industrialised nations on Earth and a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – pulled out of the Paris Agreement and US President Donald Trump is still sceptical that humans are the cause of the temperature rise.

Though most of us haven’t changed our behaviour, we are at least starting to acknowledge the phenomenon and taking more of an interest in it. As a recent South Park episode quipped, we are starting to think about maybe toying with the fact that global warming is perhaps a concern. Humans hey, we really suck.

Banally, the thing we all seem to be more concerned about is that we don’t get plastic straws at restaurants anymore. Sure, fast food outlets still use plastic straws and big corporations are the biggest contributors to plastic pollution, but at least you’ve made one small change and that’s a start. From the moans you get about a “mushy straw”, you’d think the world had come to an end. Well it’s going to, bitch, if we don’t start somewhere. Out! 

Blue striped paper disposable tubes in a jar on a


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