The Shadow Chasers is thrilling to the last page of last book

Shadow Chasers
Shadow Chasers


The Shadow Chasers is a four-part series following the adventures of an ancient family given the task of protecting the world from the Army of Shadows. Set in Johannesburg and written by Bontle Senne, the books are aimed at children between 9 and 12, and are an introduction to a fantasy world and the notion of good and evil.

I was a bit concerned that it would be a bit dark for an eight-year-old, but Emily thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

But she decided that it wouldn’t be suitable for children younger than seven so that’s maybe a nudge for parents to check the content first or to read it to/with their children.

Although the first book was published in 2016, we were fortunate enough to read the whole series in one sitting. – Alison Visser


Shadow Chasers by Bontle Senne

Published by Cover2Cover

Recommended retail price per book: R85

The Shadow Chasers series are four books filled with adventure. I loved them.

Book one, The Power of the Knife, follows the Shadow Chasers on their first quest. The Shadow Chasers protect people in the real world from the monsters in the dreamworld.

When the Army of Shadows threatens everyone close to them, the Shadow Chasers have to go to the dreamworld and this will change their lives forever.

To get to the dreamworld the Shadow Chasers have special knives. These knives also let them make wishes in the dreamworld.

Nomthandazo, Zithembe and Jabu (Nomthandazo’s father) are the main characters in this book. Jabu owns a fleet of taxis and, when two of his drivers, Mabegzo and Solly, turn into monsters, Nomthandazo and Zithembe have to save them. It is very exciting and I read this book in two days.

Book two is called the Lake of Memories. In this book Zithembe has to find his knife so that he can rescue his mother from the evil Army of Shadows.

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Rosy (Zithembe’s cousin) and Nomthandazo must go into the dreamworld and to the Lake of Memories to find Zithembe’s grandmother’s dream so they know where to find Zithembe’s knife.

I was excited to read book two because I enjoyed the first one so much – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Book three is called Flame of Truth. In this book the powerful Oyo has a Shadow Chaser’s knife and only the cleverest and the bravest can withstand the Flame of Truth to win it back from her. With the help of a ghost called Zulaika, Nomthandazo, Zithembe and Rosy travel through the dreamworld to find Oyo and get back the knife. I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened.

Book four is the Night of the Red Moon. It is the last book of the series and reading it made me sad because I knew there wasn’t going to be another one to read when I had finished it.

The Shadow Chasers discover that if they defeat the General on the Night of the Red Moon, her army will sleep forever. The General is the fiercest and most dangerous warrior of all. He is even a match for the ancient god Kaggen, who joins Nomthandoza, Zithembe, Rosy, Prosper, Zulaika and Oyo. Who will come out on top? It really keeps you reading because it is so exciting.

I liked everything about the books, but I don’t recommend them for children under the age of seven because there is a little bit of violence. I wish there was another series, because I enjoyed them so much. 

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