Big Mouth is as honest as parents should be

This season sees comedian Ali Wong voice a new character. Picture: Supplied
This season sees comedian Ali Wong voice a new character. Picture: Supplied

Big Mouth

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After three seasons, Big Mouth continues to be ridiculous and relatable. Focused on a group of Grade 7 teenagers in the grip of puberty, the show has its fair share of vulgar language and what some would find disturbing scenes.

Yet, below it all, lie relatable stories of the hardships teenagers face, and a witty way of touching on social issues. The best thing about Big Mouth is that it normalises all the things that make teenagers feel weird and like outsiders in their own bodies.

This season shows significant character development as we are introduced to some new faces.

In the past seasons we met Jay, who had more than a few odd and uncomfortably intimate relationships with pillows and couch cushions. And now Chelsea Peretti guest stars as Nick’s new cellphone, which he becomes unhealthily infatuated with, mimicking a toxic romantic relationship. Comedian Ali Wong plays Ali, a new girl in school who grabs the class’ attention with her looks. The Fab Five of Queer Eye cameo as themselves with a mission to help Coach Steve.

A particularly good episode this season showed the double standards placed on boys and girls.

During woodwork class, Jay is distracted by the bare shoulder of one of the girls and accidentally slices off the tip of Andrew’s finger with a saw.

Just another case of a teen boy’s mind wandering a little too far, right?

Nope ... the school’s dean of student life calls a meeting to address the problem of young men who can’t control their lust.

“To protect our strong, empowered women from the white-hot male gaze, we’ll be implementing a dress code,” the dean announces.

He punishes the girls, of course, who now have their wardrobe policed to be less of a distraction to lustful boys.

Fortunately, each Big Mouth episode gives its young characters the opportunity to become cleverer about the grown-up world, and to challenge their innate responses to its outward contradictions. Make sure your teens watch this show – it’s as honest as parents should be.

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