Chase Bonnie and Clyde with the Highwaymen

Woody and Kevin: Link up for a little Texas Rangers action
Woody and Kevin: Link up for a little Texas Rangers action Pictures:supplied

The Highwaymen chase an infamous duo of criminals in this thrilling feature

The Highwaymen

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I watched the trailer for this and you know halfway through you’re ready to just get into the movie. I had that feeling with this crime drama about two retired Texas Rangers chasing the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde. I’m sure you’re familiar with the pair and their story of love infused with a lust for wealth at all costs. I always thought they were like the Romeo and Juliet of the crime world, but this shows the terror they brought to the south in the early 30s. The violence is jarring to say the least, but it stains the film with a harsh honesty about this romanticised couple. You might also learn that they sometimes operated in a trio, as the two lovers had an accomplice.

You hardly see their faces and the story is told from the cops’ perspective, with the two leads played by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson – quite the pair. I was never convinced of Costner during his reign in the limelight around the 1990s in films such as The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston. Seemed to me he was relying heavily on his looks to carry him through. Gone are those days as he delivers a powerful portrayal in this period piece.

Harrelson is no stranger to chasing sordid criminals on camera and seeing him in this brought back memories of the first triumphant season of True Detective. You won’t believe the scene when the two are finally brought down. Watch this to get a sense of how popular these criminals were. You might leave wondering why humans have this morbid fascination with glorifying twisted individuals like this. But it will leave you well entertained and you will learn that Chuck Norris’ buddies, the Texas Rangers, are not to be played with.

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