Isn't It Romantic, another convenient romcom

In this takedown of romcoms, Rebel Wilson wakes up in an alternative universe full of clichés. Picture: Supplied
In this takedown of romcoms, Rebel Wilson wakes up in an alternative universe full of clichés. Picture: Supplied

Isn’t It Romantic

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There’s nothing I find more annoying than films that spoof other genres. You know, like Scary Movie was a parody of the horror, slasher and mystery film genre.

In Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson – an overall fave – takes shots at what, not too long ago, was a dying film genre in the US. The only problem with films like this is that it’s almost too easy to poke fun at other movies, and it often ends up feeling lazy and a little mean.

As a little girl, Natalie (Wilson) grew up captivated with the Pretty Woman narrative, and devoted her time and energy to an ideal that would gift her with her “happily ever after”. But, at that age of dreaming, her mother tells her that it’s all fiction and that real life is completely different – particularly when you look nothing like Julia Roberts.

Unfortunately, as a woman who is an architect living in New York, Natalie is reminded of her mother’s words every day.

Then, after she is mugged, she wakes up in an alternative universe – one that looks like every romantic comedy she condemns.

All of a sudden, she no longer lives in a dingy apartment and gets denigrated in the workplace. Now, her apartment is huge, the city’s streets are clean, she has an offensively stereotyped gay best friend and hunky mogul Blake (Liam Hemsworth) is her love interest. And it’s all soundtracked to Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles.

Wilson is an incredibly talented comedic actor and is an engaging lead, regardless of the role she plays. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast in this movie is generally forgettable. Hemsworth doesn’t deliver the charm required from a love interest and Priyanka Chopra, who plays Isabella, the typically beautiful rival for Blake’s affections, seems to be a random addition to the cast.

However, the film is cute and has fun moments. I recommend you watch this over a weekend when there really isn’t anything better to stream.

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