Emirates in search of a super band

Brenda Sisane is looking to help Emirates form an all-out super jazz band and you can watch the search unfold weekly on your cell phone. Pictures: Supplied
Brenda Sisane is looking to help Emirates form an all-out super jazz band and you can watch the search unfold weekly on your cell phone. Pictures: Supplied

The Emirates Pursuit of Jazz competition is back, following its success last year. It’s now searching for SA’s next big jazz phenomenon. Phumlani S Langa catches up with Brenda Sisane, who is on the judging panel for the second season. 

Airline Emirates is looking to create a super jazz band as part of its annual music competition, the Emirates Pursuit of Jazz.

Working with Universal Music, which has an unrelenting grasp on the South African music scene, the idea is a simple one.

A panel of judges has been formed to scour the local jazz scene for new talent. In the second iteration of this competition it has focused on vocals, drums, bass, brass and horns, and keys and strings.

The search has been condensed and curated into a web series, which Vodacom Video Play users will be able to watch weekly, with the first episode having been released last Friday.

The winners of the competition will receive a Universal Music Group record deal and a chance to tour around South Africa as well as a trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Last year the competition focused more on solo performers and, after working its way through more than 500 entries, Siya Charles (trombonist) and Gally Ngoveni (bassist and singer) came out tops. Both walked away with the title and an opportunity to record their own material.

Fouad Caunhye, the regional manager at Emirates Southern Africa, says: “When we launched the Emirates Pursuit of Jazz last year the response was tremendous and the competition resonated with our audience, which is passionate about jazz.

“This year, we wanted to build on the groundswell of support we have received and celebrate the incredible talent in South Africa’s jazz music scene, with a fully fledged band.”

On the panel of judges this season are the likes of local musical icon Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Zwai Bala (the more soulful side of the legendary group TKZee) and prolific broadcaster and entrepreneur Brenda Sisane. Sisane spoke to #Trending about her involvement and what it is that the judges paid particular attention to in helping to form this new band.

“Most important was the virtuosity – the ability to play the instrument in a way that is convincing and shows that people spend time on the instrument,” Sisane says.

As a returning judge, she thought the pool of talent was wider this year.

“It revealed a much more professional set of contestants, which was a good thing just because there are so few of these competitions out there, especially at this level, and so it got the attention of musicians who are really upping their game,” she says.

In each category, 16 musicians were looked at, with originality and authenticity being crucial to finding the winners. She says it was important to assemble a group of people who could bring ideas to a super band.

Sisane thinks jazz is as popular locally as it is anywhere else in the world and she couldn’t be more pleased to be seeing more and more young enthusiasts and players emerging.

Emirates Pursuit of Jazz


If you would like to experience Dubai and its jazz scene, Emirates and City Press are giving one lucky reader and a partner a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so.

The competition will run in City Press until December 13, with this article and another in Sunday's December 8 City Press to be used as clues. Make sure you buy a copy of the paper this weekend. You will need to collect both articles to win. There will be questions based on the clues published in the articles.

The prize includes:

  • Two economy class round-trip tickets from South Africa (Emirates gateways: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg) to Dubai.
  • Three nights accommodation to share in Dubai.
  • Visa costs for the winner and their travel partner.
  • Two admission tickets to the Dubai Jazz Festival.

Winner selection:

The competition closes on Friday, December 13. We will then select a winner in collaboration with Emirates, which will be announced across City Press platforms on Thursday, December 19.

Terms and Conditions:

1. INTRODUCTION The participant acknowledges that he/she has been given an opportunity to read these terms and conditions and understands them. Furthermore, the Participant agrees that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on him/her. 

Media24 News (CITY PRESS) and Emirates Pursuit of Jazz competition 

1.1 The Promoter of the Competition is Media24 News City Press) in association with Emirates. 

1.2 The Competition will be run from 00:00am on Sunday 24 November 2019 until 17h00 on Friday, 13 December 2019. This will hence forth be referred to as the competition period. No late entries will be accepted outside of these dates. 


2.1 There will be one winner chosen. The chosen winner will be able to allocate one travelling partner at their own discretion provided the partner is willing and able to accompany the winner on the trip and that the partner arrange travelling documents within the time limits to be announced within the competition conditions. Travelling documents for the winner and his/her partner must be obtained by 1 February 2020 or the trip will be forfeited.2.2 The winner will be randomly drawn and cannot be changed unless the winner is unable to claim his/her prize, or if the promoters deem the prize winner unsuitable. 

2.3 The Promoter, Media24 News (CITY PRESS) and Emirates and their respective directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants, the suppliers of goods or services in connection with this Competition, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the above named parties and their respective spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members are not permitted to participate in this Competition. 

2.4. Any persons whose entries are not received by us before the end of the competition will not be entitled to participate, irrespective of the reason for the late entry.

2.5. A valid entry in this competition means an entry through email.

2.8 We and our affiliates are not responsible for any entries that are not received in time or not received by us at all, irrespective of the cause of that. Without exception we or our affiliates are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction or any malfunction or defectiveness of any telephone network or lines, online computer systems, servers or suppliers, computer hardware or programs or traffic jams (physically or on the internet, telephone lines or with any other service provider, website or other device or medium) or any combination of these or any other technical or other problems.

2.9 We and none of our affiliates are responsible for any illegality or damage to you or any other person's computer, cell phone or other device used by you to enter for the competition or to obtain any material relating to the competition.

2.10 It is your responsibility to ensure that any information that you supply to us is accurate, complete and up to date.

2.11 Any costs or expenses that you may incur are for your own account, save for those items that are not included in a prize. Media24—, City Press,  or our affiliates will not be responsible for any costs or expenses that you or your companion (if applicable) incur during and for the purpose of you entering the competition and you accepting and/or utilising the prize.

2.12 We do not make or claim or offer any guarantees, explicitly or implicitly, regarding a prize, and in general, but without exception, we do not claim or give no guarantee that:

2.12.1 You entering or participating in the competition will not necessarily result in you winning a prize;

2.12.2 or any aspect thereof to you or, if applicable, will meet with your companion's requirements, preferences, standards or expectations;

2.12.3 a prize or any aspect thereof will be satisfactory, timeous, without defects, safe or reliable.

2.13 We and our affiliates will not be responsible for any injury, damage, loss or claim related to the provision of any element of a prize or any changes to a prize which may be made at any time.

2.14 The prize will only be handed over to the person in whose name the competition entry. If that person is unable to utilize the prize for any reason he/she may assign another person to use the prize, provided that this person is able to utilize the prize and has all the necessary travel documentation and permission in place to make the trip.

2.15 Only a natural person will be eligible for the prize. If a company is selected as the winner by the electronic draw, another draw will take place until a natural person is selected as winner.

2.16 You may not win a prize if it is illegal for us to give you such prize. If you do win a prize in this manner, you will forfeit it.


3.1 Entry into the Competition is deemed to be acceptance of these T&C’s by the Participant/s.

3.2 Entries will be deemed to be accepted at the time of receipt and not at the time of transmission. 

3.3 Incomplete entries will be deemed invalid. No responsibility will be taken for late or incomplete entries. 

3.4 Entrants must be over the age of 18 years. 

3.5 Entrants and their chosen companions must be in possession of a valid South African passport with at least 6 months validity from the time of travel and three blank pages and not be subject to any traveling restrictions. Entrants and their chosen companions must be in possession of a valid South African ID book. It is the Winners’ responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation to permit traveling is in place and valid.  The competition gives the winners enough time to obtain the documents and failure to do so will mean the prize will be forfeited. 

3.6 The Promoters reserve the right to request the winner to provide proof of age, identity documents and proof of residency.  

3.7 Winners would have to be available to leave the country anytime from the 20th of February 2020 – 1 March 2020 to attend the Dubai Jazz Festival for three days. 

3.8 It is the winners’ responsibility to obtain the necessary leave from work for this period of time. 

3.9 Any Prize or award relating to the Competition is not transferable and/or negotiable and may not be redeemed for cash. 

3.10 All Prizes are received entirely at the Prize Winner’s own risk. 

3.11  In terms of the Consumer Protection Act all winners must supply us with personal information (ID number, full address and contact numbers) to claim the prize.

3.12 Media24— City Press,  will not be responsible for any further correspondence, injury, damage, loss or claim that relates to the providing of any element of the prize.)

3.13 We and our third party suppliers, as the case may be, reserve the right to change, postpone, suspend or to cancel the competition and any prizes or any aspect thereof, without any notice, at any time, for any reason that we may deem necessary. In the event of such a change, postponement, suspension or cancellation, you agree to waive any rights, interests and expectations that you have with regard to this competition and you acknowledge that you have no right to damages against us, our affiliates and third party suppliers.

3.14 The winners and their chosen partners agree that you participating in the competition and you accepting and/or utilising the prize or any aspect thereof is at your own risk.

3.15 We and our affiliates will not be responsible and do not accept any responsibility for any loss, obligation, injury, costs or damage (whether direct, indirect, accidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature that is suffered due to negligence or any other cause resulting from you participating in the competition or the accepting of any prize and/or utilising any prize by you or your companion (if applicable)or due to any action taken by us or our affiliates in terms of the terms and conditions.

3.16 You, and in the case of your death, your family, dependents, heirs, authorised persons or any other beneficiaries of your estate, indemnify us and our affiliates against any claim of whichever nature by you or your companion (if applicable), (whether directly, indirectly, accidental, punitive or consequential) due to negligence or any other cause relating to any injury, loss, obligation, costs and/or damage you may suffer, that relates to you participating in this competition and/or you accepting and/or you utilising a prize.

3.17 You agree that acceptance and utilisation of a prize is subject to the condition that:

3.17.1 all terms and conditions for you as well as your companion (if applicable) will apply and that you will ensure that your companion agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to maintain them and will continue to maintain them;

3.17.2 you will accept full responsibility for your companion;

3.17.3    you will indemnify us and our affiliates from any claim your companion or any third party in an event where your companion suffers any loss or damage resulting from your companion's acceptance and/or utilization of the prize;

3.18    If you or your companion (if applicable) fails to adhere to any of these terms and conditions, you will, save for any other legal remedies at our disposal:

3.18.1   automatically be disqualified and you will forfeit the prize(s) (in which event you have already won a prize);

3.18.2    pay us for any loss or damage that we suffered directly or indirectly due to your (or, if applicable, your companion's) non-compliance, including all our legal costs (including attorney- and own client costs) that we may incur to take steps in terms of your (or your companion's) non-compliance; and   

3.18.3.    you will indemnify us and our affiliates of any claim by any person (whether directly, indirectly, accidental, punitive or consequential) of any nature, due to negligence or any other cause, that relates to death, injury, loss and/or damage that may be suffered due to your (or your companion's, if applicable) failure to comply with these.

3.19    For all purposes herein, "affiliate" means our partners, fellow promotors and sponsors of this competition, our subsidiary companies, our and their subsidiary companies and the various holding companies, the subsidiary companies of their holding companies and our and their directors, officials, employees, agents and representatives.3.20    Personal information gained from you, will in terms of best business practice in the Republic of South Africa be stored and processed.

3.21    By participating in our promotions your personal information (cellphone number) is automatically stored in a data base for future promotion purposes. You therefore agree that Media24— City Press may contact you in the future for promotions.

3.22    Personal information will not be traded, sold or leased to third parties. Although we endeavour not to make your personal information public to third parties, unless we have your consent, or for the purpose of our legal business interests, we do not guarantee that your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

3.23   You agree that your personal information may be shared with (inter alia) the following parties:

3.23.1    government and law enforcement agencies;

3.23.2    credit and other payment card suppliers;

3.23.3    where the law requires that we disclose your personal information to a party;

3.23.4    when we have reason to believe that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to identify a party, or to make contact for legal action against such party that may possibly transgress the Terms and Conditions, or (intentionally or unintentionally) interfere with or encroach on our rights or property, other users or anybody else that may be prejudiced by such activities.

3.24    These terms and conditions will be explained, interpreted and applied according to contract laws and dispute resolution laws in the Republic of South Africa

3.25    Media24— , City Press,  and the adjudicator's decision about any case concerning the competition and/or any case that may result from these terms and conditions, is final and binding on you and no correspondence will be entered into about this.

3.26 Prize Winners and their partners indemnify the Promoter against any liability for accident or loss of life, personal injury, property damage or other loss, cost of expense arising from any claim by any third party in connection with this participation in the Competition. 

3.27 The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw this Competition without notice in the event of force majeure. For the purposes of these T&C’s an event of force majeure shall include any event beyond the reasonable control of a party, such as war, earthquakes, disasters, calamities, strikes or similar circumstances (including the threat thereof). 

3.28 The Participant needs to abide by the rules and regulations of Media24 News' competition.  Entries are only valid by entering 

3.30 The Promoter may refuse to award a prize to any Participant if, in the Promoter’s sole opinion, that the Participant has violated the T&C’s or has gained an unfair advantage in participating in the Competition. 

3.31 Should there be a dispute; a Participant is entitled to make representation in writing to the Promoter during the Competition Period. The Promoter shall consider such representations and notify the Participant in writing as to the decision taken in respect of the dispute. The Promoter’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding. No reasons shall be required in respect of such decision and no further correspondence will be entered into. 

3.32 If any prize is unavailable, for whatsoever reason, the Promoters reserve the right to substitute the prize for a prize of equal or greater value. 

3.33 If the Prize Winner has given his/her written consent thereto, the Promoter has the right to publish the Prize Winner’s name and photographs (at no fee) in any advertising, promotional, print, point-of-sale or public relations material for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the announcement of the Prize winner. 

3.34 The winners will be notified according to the contact information supplied to us. If we or a third party supplier are unable to contact the winner by telephone within 24 hours or after 3 telephone calls to them or if the winner cannot make the trip for any reason, the winner will forfeit the prize and Media24—City Press,  will reserve the right to draw a new winner under the same conditions.

3.35 The Promoter is entitled to amend the T&C’s in so far as same is deemed necessary and such amendments may relate to any aspect of such Competition; -The amendments may include the addition and or deletion of any terms and conditions of the Competition, which amendments may also affect the Prize of such Competition; and -The proposed amendments may be effected prior to the starting date of the Competition and during the Competition period, which amendments may result in the Competition period being reduced and or extended as deemed necessary. 

3.36    The competition prizes as described in  advertising material, is only a representation of the prizes which the winners will win in reality and there are no guarantees made regarding any particular details of the prize description being accurate. 

3.37    Should you use a cell phone to enter for the competition, the cell phone calls /SMS messages you make/send will be charged for at the current rates, which will vary from time to time. "Free" minutes from a cell phone contract do not apply and incorrect SMSs will be calculated.


4.1 To enter, the participant must send their answers via email to the address provided4.2 You may enter as many times as you would like.

4.4 By entering the Competition, the entrant gives consent to the Promoters to: -Store their home city, name, cellphone number and email address; -Receive communications from Media24 News CITY PRESS, and EMIRATES via email, sms.-Receive future marketing material from Media24 News/ CITY PRESS and EMIRATES 

4.5 The Prize winner will be announced on CITY PRESS digital platforms Thursday December 19 2019. 

4.6 A winner will be drawn, Back-up winners will also be drawn and will only be eligible to win the allocated prize for the relevant brand if the first winner drawn is unable or not eligible to be awarded the prize according the rules of the competition stipulated in these terms and conditions.

4.7 The decision of the Promoters regarding the Competition winners will be final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the choice of the winner and/or the awarding of the prize. 


  • Two economy class round-trip tickets from South Africa (Emirates gateways: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg) to Dubai.
  • Three nights accommodation to share in Dubai.
  • Visa costs for the winner and their travel partner.
  • Two admission tickets to the Dubai Jazz Festival.

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