Nintendo goodness for the holidays

Nintendo switch lite available in an eye-catching turquoise shade. Picture: Supplied
Nintendo switch lite available in an eye-catching turquoise shade. Picture: Supplied

Switch Lite's an impressive gadget

One of the world’s most loved brands, Nintendo, reinvented gaming with the introduction of the Switch in 2017.

The hybrid console can be used when plugged into a TV or as a portable device that you can take anywhere. It has since sold more than 39.7 million units worldwide.

It’s no surprise then that the company introduced the Switch Lite, a portable version of the console with trimmed down features, as a successor to the Nintendo 3DS. It went on sale globally on September 20 and sold 1.95 million units in 10 days.

I’ve been testing the Switch Lite, available in an eye-catching turquoise shade, and for a device with “limited” features, it’s great.

It is smaller and lighter than the regular Switch (17.7cm vs 14cm) and the Joy-Cons are built-in, which gives it a sturdy feel.

The buttons on the controllers are the same and even though the screen is smaller on the Lite, the resolution is still 1 280x720 pixels.

At the top are the power button, volume controls, earphone jack and game card slot while at the bottom are the USB-C charging port and micro SD card slot.

There’s no kickstand on the Switch Lite, which makes sense because you can’t connect multiple Joy-Cons for social play. Battery life is expected to be between three and seven hours, depending on things such as screen brightness or the game, but is an improvement on the original Switch.

I didn’t always remember to put it into sleep mode when it wasn’t in use, which affected the battery life.

The Switch Lite is aimed at the casual gamer who prefers hand-held mode versus playing on a bigger screen, and it doesn’t matter if you’re playing Tetris or Zelda, it still brings joy. It would definitely appeal to both the travellers and a younger enthusiast.

  • The Nintendo Switch Lite retails for R3 999

Ring Fit Adventures fun for family

Nintendo’s new fitness game, Ring Fit Adventures, was launched globally on October 18 and works on the main Switch console when docked to a TV. It includes two new accessories, a Ring-Con circular controller and a Leg Strap, which houses each Joy-Con to track movements and workouts. The leg strap would need to be attached to the left thigh, and the Ring-Con remains in your hand.

The game can be played in various modes such as Adventure, Quick Play, Simple, Sets and Multitask.

The Adventure mode will take you through various colourful worlds to complete challenges, fight enemies and ultimately defeat the evil body-building dragon, Dragaux.

There are more than 60 workouts that count towards your progress while you earn in-game currency. Real world movements such as running, exercises, squats, jogging and overhead shoulder presses are actions in the game, which combines working out and gaming in one. There are over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds to complete but if you’re not up to that level of commitment, other modes such as Quick Play, Simple, Sets and Multitask would appeal to you for quick and fun workouts at either novice or advanced levels via various mini games.

You can work on your core by breaking boxes; shape pottery by doing squats; or work on your arms by smashing robots. There are many other workouts to complete that work on your arms, spine, back and legs. If you’re the competitive type, there’s also a leader board within the game so you can compete with friends and family.

Ring Fit Adventures is a fun way to get active if you’re a beginner or at intermediate levels of fitness. But it doesn’t feel like effort because you’re playing games. It’s guaranteed fun for the whole family, and a great way to encourage kids to get fit.

  • The Ring Fit Adventures is R1 299.
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