The looks to wear this summer/spring

Suited for Summer


Two-piece suits are not just for winter. Revamp this look with a cute crop top or bralette and, instead of a traditional blazer, opt for a cropped version paired with high-waisted pants or biker shorts.

“Take risks and go for brighter, popping colours such as neon and purple,” suggests stylist Grace Makopa.

Boiler suits are another option. They are key for comfort and effortless style.

“One thing I’ve been trying to do more, and my followers are loving it, is playing with colour,” says make-up artist and content creator Foyin Ogunrombi.

“It’s a time to be vibrant and experimental. I’m excited to play around with glitter and do some festival-inspired looks as well.”

For face beat novices, Ogunrombi suggests keeping it simple.

“You don’t have to do a full face beat to get a great spring/summer look. You can spot conceal any visible discolouration, use a bronzer to add warmth to the contours of your face and a highlighter on top will get you that sun-kissed look.

“If you want to wear foundation, mix it with a liquid highlighter or use that highlighter on your face before application and that will achieve the perfect dewy skin. A lightweight golden shimmery lid, a pair of wispy lashes, light filling of the brows and a glossy lip will finish off your look easily.”

Go for Shimmer and Glow


“A mix of make-up trends are coming in, which means people can choose what they feel more comfortable with. [Teen drama series] Euphoria-inspired looks are a great way to experiment with editorial make-up and its limitless possibilities, but there’s also a huge focus on glowing, hydrated skin, having a bronzed and sun-kissed glow and dipping into pastel hues as a colour palette,” Ogunrombi says.

“Spring and summer mean you can opt for sheer and medium-coverage dewy foundations but a full-coverage and matte base will be perfect for a face that needs to last all day long. I’m looking forward to looks featuring bold colours, mastering the art of dewy skin and trying to perfect my natural-looking brow,” she says.

Makopa echoes these sentiments, encouraging people to take more risks with their hair and accessories. She enjoys adding glitter to her hair for that pop of colour and personality. She also suggests keeping your hairstyles short and sleek.

Play with Colour


Basking under the African sun can leave your skin looking dull and dry. “During winter, when the air is dry and harsh, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and to protect your moisture barrier from the harsh weather, and during summer it gets so hot that you sweat. The best way to make sure your make-up lasts, and to replenish the fluid you lose, is to remain hydrated,” says Ogunrombi.

She suggests using a moisturiser, primer and a good sunscreen to ensure that your skin is plump, firm and retains fluid. For protection from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays, carry sunblock with you for re-application throughout the day.

Healthy skin isn’t the only great accessory.

“Hats are stylish, give you a unique edge and also protect you from the sun,” says Makopa.

To finish off your look, shrunken, smaller and more compact handbags are a must-have.

The Lighter Side of Life


Wearing lighter fabrics is not only common sense but is also functional and convenient. For those who are brave, Makopa suggests taking risks and going for the exotic and flowy, brighter colours and animal prints, and even experimenting with unconventional fabrics, such as plastic.

“Change your fabric to something lighter as cotton can be too hot. If you still want to rock your jeans you can rip or distress them to make them more functional. You can also never go wrong with floral prints in summer,” she says.


Ogunrombi cautions against sleeping with your make-up on as this can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. She adds that you should avoid working out with make-up on as the bacteria from the gym and the toxins in your sweat can mix with the make-up, enter your pores and cause nasty breakouts. She also urges readers to keep an eye on alcohol intake as excessive alcohol consumption will dehydrate your skin, leading to problems.

While stock trends such as the sundress, floral prints and frilled minis are always in fashion, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new. This season, looks are being elevated with 80s puffy sleeves, for example.

Long, strappy frocks and A-line skirts that would usually be floral and pleated now have a sexy edge owing to animal print and a silky nightgown feel.

Sundresses have been revived with haute couture luxuries such as feathers, pleating, ruffles and sheer fabric, finished with over-the-top hats.

These looks may seem unattainable and expensive, but commercial fast-fashion stores are already selling the trends. We’re also here to guide you with a little help from our friends in beauty and fashion.

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