Greedy men of God think only of their pockets

Bishop Bheki Ngcobo
Bishop Bheki Ngcobo

Churches the world over have been known to be places where communities get shelter and help; where the poor and needy are guaranteed love and care from their fellow brothers and sisters in God.

However, in the recent past, many churches have been turned into places of business where greedy men make a living. Sometimes their greed has turned churches into multibillion-rand industries where the leaders of such institutions live lives of luxury while their followers suffer in poverty.

These so-called men of God have their own private jets, get driven in luxurious vehicles and have 24-hour armed guards. Aren’t they supposed to be protected by the God they follow?

The stunts they pull are out of this world. Here in Mzansi, we’ve seen that those who blindly follow these men of God are made to eat grass, drink petrol and even to believe that any person can arise from the dead.

The loss of income the Ngcobos of this world will suffer during the shutdown on the Easter weekend is immeasurable, since gatherings of 100 people are banned.

The poor congregants are made to pay their hard-earned money to these people, who call themselves the most outrageous names to show their importance and, supposedly, how close they are to God.

So, it didn’t come as a surprise when one Bheki Timothy Ngcobo said he was “still mobilising congregants to pray about bringing an end to the virus”.

This, Ngcobo is reported to have said, would be done on the Easter weekend: A marathon prayer session starting on Good Friday on April 10 until Easter Monday on April 13.

“We Christians believe in the power of prayer to expel the virus. [President Cyril] Ramaphosa does not understand; he represents no congregation,” Ngcobo said.

His thoughtless announcement should be looked at in the context that Easter weekend means big business for churches that are more motivated by money than the care of their people. “Miracles” are performed during this time and these churches are packed to the rafters with the gullible who believe in miracles rather than hard work.

The loss of income the Ngcobos of this world will suffer during the shutdown on the Easter weekend is immeasurable, since gatherings of 100 people are banned.

To try to stay relevant and supposedly show his leadership to the followers of his Nkanyezi Church of Christ, Ngcobo falsely claims prayer can eliminate the virus, resulting in his call for a weekend-long prayer session.

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Those who have placed their trust in such men and women will believe the lies Ngcobo says. What people need is to stay at home and heed the government’s order that gatherings of 100 people or more and at churches are banned in the lockdown period. While figuring what to do at home, maybe Ngcobo’s followers should use the opportunity to read the Bible – after washing their hands for at least 20 seconds to help curb the spread of the virus.


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