‘I’ve never had an orgasm’

Only 30% of women will reach climax during penetration
Only 30% of women will reach climax during penetration


#Trending sex columnist Jade Zwane answers readers questions on orgasms and masturbation.

Mbali: I’ve never had an orgasm during sex; is something wrong with me?

Jade: No, there’s nothing wrong with you. A mere 30% of women will reach climax from penetration. You need clitoral stimulation during penetration to increase your chances of having an orgasm.

You can use your fingers or he can use his, or incorporate a toy. Something like a bullet or a clitoral massager would be ideal, as this is specifically for the clitoris.

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Zenie: How do I tell a six-year-old where children come from?

Jade: You can tell them the truth. That a baby grows inside mommy’s womb and comes out of the vagina. At this stage you should be having the conversation of consent and private parts with your child.

Things such as no one should touch them in certain places, and you should refer to these places with their accurate biological terms.

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Tiwa: How can I get my partner to choose me over masturbation?

Jade: Remember that masturbation is often used to relieve stress and tension. If your partner is opting to masturbate rather than having sex with you, you have to broach the subject with him.

Ask him why he prefers masturbating, if he does. Something you can do together to be intimate during his transition is mutual masturbation, where you both get off in the same room at the same time.


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