Sudor – the Netflix of fitness

Sudor, a fitness app featuring some of SA's best trainers. Picture: Supplied
Sudor, a fitness app featuring some of SA's best trainers. Picture: Supplied

Fitness Review

App: Sudor

Only available on iOS

Seven-day free trial, R149 a month thereafter


One of the big debates around the Covid-19 coronavirus and being under lockdown is weight gain. You hear about it on radio and Instagram is abuzz, with fitness videos popping up everywhere. A lot of fitness content on the web is free, with those who create it often making very little or no money for their efforts.

Sudor, which means sweat in Spanish, is a new global app that allows trainers a platform to make money during this financially taxing time.

Co-founder Emma Heap describes the app as the “Netflix of fitness” and says it gives people “affordable access to top trainers from across the world”.

With 30 trainers on the app currently, those who want to try Sudor will be spoilt for choice. Many fitness apps will have one trainer, or a group at best.

Sudor is the Netflix of fitness which gives people affordable access to top trainers from across the world
Emma Heap

From South Africa, the two noticeable trainers are Adidas ambassador and Instagram sensation Mapule Ndhlovu (@queenfitnass) and Simhle Plaatjies, who does corporate coaching. I followed both on the app a lot during my 20-day trial run, but I have been a follower of @queenfitnass for years. The app maintains her fun and sometimes rigorous workout routine.

“When it comes to fitness, I wish I could bottle up the feeling one gets after a workout and sell it or just give it away,” Ndhlovu says.

The app aims to help trainers like Ndhlovu, who is used to being in a gym.

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Being an Instagram follower of Ndhlovu, her account 2020BC is mainly gym-based videos. But since the lockdown, she admits that she has become more creative with her new content.

When it comes to fitness, I wish I could bottle up the feeling one gets after a workout and sell it or just give it away
Mapule '@queenfitnass' Ndhlovu

The app has a section where you can set up a workout according to your mood. You choose how much time you have – a minimum of 15 minutes to an hour. Then you choose whether this is done at home or in the gym. You then choose the mood – such as Blow Off Steam or Cheer Me Up – two of the six moods available. Finally, you choose your targeted area to work on – be it your legs, abs or back. I must say, some of the pictures that represented a workout didn’t correspond with the workout.

I raised this in a chat with the app’s creator, Heap. “We launched during the lockdown and I will admit that we have faced some challenges,” she said.

But Heap did ask me to send through my concerns with pictures so it could be sorted out.

Sudor’s first Instagram post reads: “We are Sudor. We bring you workouts from your favourite trainers to inspire you to move more. We are not about perfection, we are about the journey. We want you to be part of it.”

Perhaps this is a disclaimer of sorts. Honestly, as I am writing this, it’s been about a week and I haven’t contacted them about my concerns. Why, you might ask?

Simhle Plaatjies lifting db
Simhle Plaatjies' workout gave the author a real sweat. Picture: Supplied

Well, I have moved on from that because I have discovered a gem on the app. Plaatjies’ workouts are boss. One of her routines had me skipping rope for 10 minutes. The first five minutes was normal – legs together skipping and then 15 seconds of rest. Then it’s jumping for five minutes of high knees skipping. All this is followed by six to seven minutes of bodyweight exercises that had a lot of step-ups.

The guys can check out the hot TV personality Ewan Strydom (former presenter on the Expresso Show on SABC3). One chilly morning, I tried his 26-minute stretching routine and it was great.

I chat to many people about fitness, and motivation and discipline are the biggest stumbling blocks. With the invention of fitness apps, you have a reason to be active whether at home or at gym. For now, the app is only available on iOS, but the creators are working on getting it on Android. The app doesn’t work on a set of fitness programmes, but it’s a rather fun go-to app that encourages moving.

Many of us are still at home under level 3 lockdown and gyms might only properly reopen under lockdown level 1, so, in the meantime, make Sudor a great home gym buddy.


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