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06 May

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has written a letter suspending party president Cyril Ramaphosa in apparent retaliation after he was served with a letter of suspension on Wednesday.
He doesn't have the power
28% - 7 votes
It’s a declaration of war
20% - 5 votes
Nothing but a distraction
52% - 13 votes

13 Apr

Police need training against their brutality
28% - 103 votes
A need for more action against police
19% - 70 votes
Police protect themselves
18% - 65 votes
Nothing will change
36% - 133 votes

31 Mar

President Cyril Ramaphosa banned the sale of alcohol for off-site consumption for the Easter weekend to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. What do you think about the ban?
I’ve stocked up
22% - 85 votes
And drinking and driving?
10% - 37 votes
Don’t drink, don’t care
30% - 113 votes
It’s no longer about Covid-19
38% - 147 votes

30 Mar

On Monday, National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole announced that the use of rubber bullets by the police to control violent protests will not be banned. What do you think about this decision?
More people will die/the killings will get worse
6% - 1 votes
Police will become more reckless
28% - 5 votes
People have died in vain
11% - 2 votes
Rubber bullets are needed for crowd control
56% - 10 votes

23 Mar

The fraud and corruption case against KwaZulu-Natal ANC MPL and former eThekwini mayor, Zandile Gumede, and others has been transferred to the Durban High Court. Gumede and 20 others appeared at the Durban Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where the case was postponed to June 14.
How is she still an MPL
27% - 113 votes
She is innocent until proven guilty
5% - 19 votes
She should resign
21% - 87 votes
Another case that goes nowhere
48% - 202 votes

16 Mar

On Monday, a student was shot and wounded in Johannesburg during ongoing protests. University students are calling for a national shutdown of all public universities in protest of financial exclusion. However, the SA Police Service (SAPS) said its members had fired shots at the students during Monday's protest in Braamfontein. Last week Mthokozisi Ntumba, who was not part of the protest, was shot dead by police as he left a clinic. Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch has called on the SAPS to exercise maximum restraint and to stop firing at students, even with rubber bullets.
Police are trigger happy
22% - 23 votes
There is no accountability among the police
64% - 67 votes
Rubber bullets should be banned
14% - 15 votes

09 Mar

Do you think the ANC made the right decision by allowing former president Jacob Zuma to consult with his lawyers after not adhering to the court order to appear before the state capture commission?
He deserves this legal freedom
10% - 31 votes
He should be in jail
53% - 165 votes
It's not their decision
14% - 43 votes
This is pandering to constitutional delinquents
23% - 73 votes

04 Mar

Covid-19 variant, 501Y.V2, has attracted much negative coverage, but as researchers learn more about the variant they are discovering that positives can also be gleaned like the fact that those infected by the variant are showing signs of immunity against re-infection.
Hoping we learn more soon
26% - 19 votes
We need more scientists
15% - 11 votes
Knowledge is power
39% - 28 votes
Not interested
19% - 14 votes

24 Feb

The EFF has sent a legal letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office, demanding that the lockdown regulations be relaxed to allow political gatherings in compliance with all Covid-19 protocols. The party said that regulations prohibit political campaigning and activities in preparation for this year’s local government elections.
Like church members, political party members should gather
20% - 32 votes
I fear the third wave
43% - 71 votes
Hold off on the elections
37% - 61 votes

21 Feb

Financial experts agree that Wednesday’s budget speech will focus on corporate and income taxes, as the state battles to service its debt and fund the vaccine roll-out. What do you think Finance Minister Tito Mboweni should focus on?
Reducing taxes
42% - 23 votes
Covid-19 vaccine funding
13% - 7 votes
Saving small businesses
45% - 25 votes

15 Feb

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced in his state of the nation address that 80 000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines would arrive soon, with 500 000 more anticipated over the next four weeks.
Well done government
24% - 34 votes
The vaccine debacle has raised my concerns
19% - 27 votes
I won’t be taking it
15% - 21 votes
Another blunder is on the horizon
41% - 58 votes

10 Feb

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the country's first hybrid state of the nation address in Parliament on Thursday. A limited number of people will join the president in the National Assembly chambers, with the rest of the MPs on a virtual platform. Which particular topic are you most keen to hear the president’s voice on?
17% - 21 votes
Vaccine roll-out
10% - 12 votes
61% - 75 votes
6% - 7 votes
State of state-owned enterprises
7% - 8 votes

09 Feb

Some schools have opened, with majority across the country opening on February 15. What are your feelings around it?
Anxious but sending kids to school
35% - 8 votes
Will be homeschooling kids
17% - 4 votes
Kids must catch up
48% - 11 votes

01 Feb

President Cyril Ramaphosa has lifted restrictions on the sale of alcohol. I think …
24% - 48 votes
Stocking up just incase
28% - 56 votes
Here comes the third wave
48% - 96 votes

01 Feb

President Cyril Ramaphosa is going to address the nation tonight. What are you hoping for?
Bring back booze
45% - 10 votes
Open beaches
41% - 9 votes
Ditch the curfew
14% - 3 votes

25 Jan

According to a Centre for Social Change and University of Johannesburg survey, 67% of adults would definitely or probably take a Covid-19 vaccine if it became available. Would you/ will you take the vaccine?
Yes, definitely
57% - 151 votes
I definitely would not
24% - 65 votes
I am unsure
19% - 50 votes

11 Jan

President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to address the nation at 8pm this evening on developments in relation to the country's response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. What are you more concerned about?
More business closures
37% - 98 votes
No clarity on vaccines
30% - 80 votes
Lack of government communication
16% - 42 votes
Move to level five
17% - 44 votes

06 Jan

Covid-19 cases continue to rise, despite the introduction of adjusted level 3 regulations. What should government do to further flatten the curve?
Back to level 5. Lives before livelihoods
18% - 40 votes
Level 3 is fine. Let’s wait for the vaccine
33% - 72 votes
Stop blaming government. It’s a matter of individual responsibility
48% - 105 votes

03 Jan

Which song did you groove to this festive season while you stayed at home?
Jerusalema - Master KG
38% - 28 votes
Makhadzi - Murahu
23% - 17 votes
Big Zulu - Mali Eningi
39% - 29 votes

28 Dec 2020

There was much cause for optimism as 2020 kicked off, but things quickly took a turn. Who/What would you crown the newsmaker of 2020?
55% - 136 votes
23% - 56 votes
Ace Magashule
7% - 18 votes
The Zondo commission
15% - 37 votes


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ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has written a letter suspending party president Cyril Ramaphosa in apparent retaliation after he was served with a letter of suspension on Wednesday.
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He doesn't have the power
28% - 7 votes
It’s a declaration of war
20% - 5 votes
Nothing but a distraction
52% - 13 votes