We bust 10 beauty myths you've been believing for too long

(PHOTO: Getty Images)
(PHOTO: Getty Images)

1.MYTH: If you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize.

FACT: Skin needs an equal amount of water and oil. If it’s oily, which is more common in warmer months, it means your skin is producing more oil than needed and ought to be balanced with a water-based product.

So instead of skipping moisturizer completely, choose a light, water-based moisturizer that will balance the oil production.

2.MYTH: Putting on makeup every day is bad for your skin.

FACT: Wearing normal makeup daily shouldn’t be an issue if you remove it properly before you go to bed and maintain a good skincare routine. Most makeup products don’t contain harmful ingredients that will affect the appearance or wellbeing of your skin.

3.MYTH: Sleeping with makeup on will give you wrinkles and cause you to age faster.

FACT: Wrinkles are caused by various factors: the sun, genes and age. Makeup doesn’t cause ageing or wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean you should skip washing your face before bed. Sleeping with makeup on can cause blocked pores and breakouts.

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4.MYTH: You don’t have to wear sunscreen when it’s cloudy outside.

 FACT: Even on a cloudy day the sun gives off UVA and UVB rays and about 80% of the sun’s rays pass through clouds so they’re still harmful. If you’re not protecting your skin, the sun will cause premature ageing

5.MYTH: Hot water and steam help to open pores.

  FACT: Pores are always open so there isn’t anything you can do to “open them up”. Pores aren’t temperature sensitive. Hot water and steam cause the surface of the skin to swell, making pores appear more open.

It’s better not to use hot water on your skin, as this strips away essentials oils and dehydrates your skin. Steaming your face hydrates, the skin although it needs to be done in moderation because it can cause inflammation if done too often.

6. MYTH: You can’t overexfoliate because skin is shed every day.

FACT: The misconception here is that by exfoliating you’re properly cleansing your skin when in fact you’re stripping and sensitising it. Washing and exfoliating are two different things. When washing you rely on soap to cleanse, but when exfoliating you rely on abrasion.

Yes, your skin sheds, but it’s only necessary to remove dead skin cells every three days or so. Also, when you exfoliate don’t use too much force as this will damage your skin. 

7. MYTH: If you use serum you don’t need to use moisturiser and vice versa.

FACT: Serum and moisturiser perform different functions. The skin has several layers and serum can penetrate through these layers better than moisturiser. But serums need moisturiser to work their magic. Serums have active ingredients that lose their effectiveness when they come into contact with external factors, such as the sun.

They need to be locked in with moisturiser and sunscreen to keep them stable and functioning properly. Moisturiser alone won’t be able to give you all the benefits of a serum. You need to use both for a great skin. 

8. MYTH: You need to use eye cream or under eye patches only when wrinkles start appearing around your eyes.

FACT: Prevention is better than cure. The skin around your eyes is super-thin. That’s why the eye area is the first to show strain when you’re tired. Even though wrinkles will eventually appear, you can help delay them by using eye cream or patches when you’re in your mid to late 20s. 

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9. MYTH: If a product burns your skin, it’s working.

FACT: If a product burns, your skin is telling you it’s not happy. There are very few circumstances under which you should feel pain when something is applied to the skin, for example during salon treatments such as microdermabrasion or microblading. Products containing alcohol, such as toners, often cause a burning sensation when applied. The rule of thumb is if it burns, keep it away from your skin.

10. MYTH: If you’re not wearing makeup you don’t have to wash your face at night.

FACT: Our skin is always busy sweating, producing oil and shedding. On top of that, it’s exposed to pollution and bacteria. This means it needs to be cleaned in the morning and evening, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Use products that will help you achieve your skincare goals, such as better hydrated skin or less oiliness.

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