How to safeguard your relationship this festive season

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

The festive season is upon us and apart from all the excitement it brings, there’s a worry among those in relationships.

 This is the time where many want to explore and sometimes this might be without their significant others. Most people feel the need to be single this time of the year – that’s why the festive season is also known as “the break-up”’ season.

DRUM spoke to relationship expert Thembi Hama for tips on how one can safeguard their relationship during this festive season.

1.       Trust

Trust is what grounds and binds a relationship. Have a sense of trust in your partner when he or she is not with you. If your man or woman is hanging out with his/her friends, this doesn’t mean anything. Your partner’s hobbies shouldn’t be a threat to your relationship. Don’t always anticipate the worst.

2.       Constant communication

If you and your partner will be in different provinces during this festive season it’s important to speak to each other and keep each other up to speed with your activities. Ask each other questions like when are you leaving? When are you coming back? What are you up to there? Can I call you when I miss you? Always update each other. Communication is very important when you are apart.


3.       View the festive season for what it is

The festive season is the time to be jovial and the time to be with family. It isn’t a time for waywardness. Refrain from succumbing to the hype and blowing money. Couples and individuals should view the festive season as a time of rest, family bonds and relaxation. Problems in the relationship should’ve been addressed before the festive season. The festive season should be the time where couples bond most. Viewing the festive season for what it is can help strengthen relationships.

4.       Know who you are

Don’t let the festive season change who you are and your behaviour. Remain the same person wherever you might find yourself. Know who you are and why you entered into a relationship in the first place. You don’t want to compromise your relationship for a moment of fun.

5.       Be aware of your relationship goals

The festive season is the time where couples should reflect on their relationships. As a couple you should discuss your plans for the New Year. Are there any concerns you can address and talk about? Are there any issues that need to be resolved before entering into a new year? Being transparent with each other can help to sustain your relationship not only during the festive season, but also in the long term.