Mother of stillborn child to social media: ‘Stop showing me baby related ads’

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

A woman who gave birth to a stillborn child has written an open letter on social media after she claimed Facebook kept showing her baby-related adverts.

In the open letter which was posted to Twitter, Gillian Brockell criticized Facebook for being insensitive by showing her adverts even after she shared the tragic news of her son dying in her womb.

“But didn’t you also see me googling ‘is this brixton hicks?’ and ‘baby not moving?’. Did you not see the three days of silence, uncommon for a high-frequency user like me?" the videographer from Washington DC wrote.

"And then the announcement with keywords like 'heartbroken' and 'problem' and 'stillborn' and the 200 teardrop emoticons from my friends? Is that not something you could track?" she asked before explaining how common stillbirths were and that the last thing mothers who went through them wanted to see was baby-related content.

Gillian also appealed to Tech companies to advertise according to people’s posts.

“Please Tech companies, I implore you : If you’re smart enough to realize that I’m pregnant, that I’ve given birth, then surely you’re smart enough to realize that my baby died, and can advertise to me accordingly, or maybe, juts maybe, not at all ,” she concluded the letter.

After posting the open letter, Gillian received a lot of feedback from other social media users who shared some of their similar experiences with social media sites.