Nandi Madida buys baby Shaka land

PHOTO; Gallo/Getty Images

While the EFF and social media users have been vocal over the issue of land, media personality and businesswoman Nandi Madida has revealed how she’s #GettingTheLandBack.

The mom of one took to social media to share how she bought her son, Shaka Madida, land when he turned one last November.

In an Instagram post the Colour fashion label founder explained her reasons for buying him land and how the idea came about.

“As you know I rarely show material things on my page, but this was a very proud moment for me as his mother because this is a legacy that will last for many generations to come,” a proud Nandi wrote.

“I want my children to understand generational wealth. Having grown up in Durban North and having parents who come from rural KZN Maphumulo, I learnt from both backgrounds that generational wealth is more important than buying things that lose value over time (cars, clothes, etc.),” she explained.

While the news had us feeling inspired, the yummy mommy and wife also revealed she was building a farm on the land!

Check the post below: