Rami Chuene’s hilarious shapewear drama is so relatable

Rami Chuene (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Rami Chuene (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Celebrities are always under pressure to be in perfect shape and to always look glamorous. While many opt to change their diets and hit the gym to achieve the perfect body, The Queen actress, Rami Chuene, chooses to go a different route – by wearing shapewear.

Taking to Twitter to reveal her secret, Rami Chuene posted a hilarious thread on how her helper had not washed her shapewear on time for an event where she was required to wear a ‘long and elegant dress’ and how she took drastic measures to get her belly shaper dry on time.

The thread begins with the actress explaining how her day began and how she keeps shapewear which she refers to as ‘dimonyollane’, for the purpose of making her waist area look slimmer than it is.

She then explains how her helper took her last pair of clean shapewear and put it back in the washing machine when Rami was left with only 40 minutes before catching a flight to Durban for the event.

The realization of her clothes not drying on time, gave Rami an idea that many would consider drastic but it worked – Rami’s shapewear got dry on her way to the airport after she let it dry on the dashboard and held it out the window.

“As I got onto the main road, a thought comes. In this heat, surely dimonyollane can get dry before I get to Lanseria mos? I quickly take them out of the plastic bag and spread them on the dash board , ‘ she explains.

“The trip was interesting with me constantly turning them over like braai meat so they get the sun. There was also a point where I held them and stuck my hand out of the window so they air dry quickly.”

Take a look at the hilarious thread below.