Tia Mowry on why she decided to have kids at 30


In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Tia opened up about being a working mother and how it differs from how men are treated in the work environment.

While behind the scenes of her new Netflix show Family Reunion and pumping breast milk she explained, “I don’t feel like men get asked that question about how do you balance life. I feel like society just puts these standards on women that we have to do everything. We have to cook, we have to clean, we have to be a mom.”

“The reason that I chose to have a family later on, is because we have careers now”, we have dreams, we have aspirations, we have goals.” Tia explained.

The 40-year-old actress is mom to 14-month old Cairo-Tiahna and 8-year old Cree-Taylor. She describes her husband, Cory Hardrict as a helping and caring when it comes to their children.

On the Family Reunion, she will be playing Cocoa who is very similar to her personality – a newly relocated modern mother.

Tia has always publicly shared her journey of motherhood. In another interview with The Breakfast Show, she spoke about raising her children in a “non-traditional” manner.

Watch the video clip below.

Here are some pictures of her family