WATCH: Jordan Sparks opens up about her postpartum depression


American songstress Jordan Sparks welcomed her first child with aspiring model husband Dana Isaiah a year ago and while it may be exciting, being a first time mom can be daunting at times.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jordan got candid on her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her son Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. – saying that she felt “lonely”, the “hormones are insane,” and that it took her a while to feel like herself again.

“Everybody knows about what postpartum depression is—maybe not exactly what it all entails because it’s different for each woman…” the American Idol winner said.

“But there’s this thing called the fourth trimester, which happens after you have your baby. It’s dealing with everything that happens with your body. Your body goes and changes, your hormones are absolutely insane.”

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The No Air hit maker admitted that while everyone around a first time mom was excited to assist with the newborn there wasn’t anyone to assist the mother with what she is going through, which often made her feel lonely.

“Who holds us together? Who helps us get through all that stuff?” she asked.

“Obviously, people in your family who know what you’ve been through and had kids before, but sometimes it feels hard to reach out because you’re like, ‘How do I feel so lonely when this amazing thing just happened?’”

Jordan isn’t the first celeb to get candid on postpartum depression, not too long ago rapper Cardi B revealed that she experienced postnatal depression. “The world was heavy on my shoulders,” Cardi revealed following the birth of her daughter Kulture Kiari.