WATCH: Khanyi Mbau speaks about being lactose intolerant – and this is why it’s important


Can you imagine a world where ice-cream, milk tart or something as simple as a cereal bowl overflowing with milk became unbearably difficult to consume because they made you sick? Well, that’s pretty much how Khanyi has been living, without the creamy treats of dairy products because of a digestive system disorder known as lactose intolerance.

According to MayoClinic, lactose intolerance is a digestive system disorder which is caused by the inability to digest lactose a product that is the main carbohydrate in dairy due to a shortage of enzymes.

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Taking to her Instagram page the 33-year-old media personality, shared a clip of herself having breakfast in which she speaks candidly about living with the disorder.

“Do you know sometimes I just wish I could have milk in my coffee, but I can’t because I am lactose intolerant,” said Khanyi before pausing to sip on her black coffee.

“How many of you suffer from the same thing where you can’t have any diary treats like ice-cream milk tart and all these delectables that are just full of these nice diary tastes?” she added.

“I have been living with this and it’s always very hard to enjoy some of my favourite deserts and dairy products. A total shlep [sic], believe me!!!!” she captioned the post

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Khanyi Mbau isn’t the first celebrity to open up about the disorder, KUWTK reality star Kylie Jenner had to change her diet in 2015 after finding out that she was lactose intolerant which would explain why having cereal with milk for the first was such a big deal for her in 2018.

According to RediscoveryDairy, 11.03% of South African’s are estimated to be lactose intolerant.