WATCH: This video of dads doing ballet with their daughters will make your day

Dads dancing with their daughters. (Photo: Screenshot from viral video)
Dads dancing with their daughters. (Photo: Screenshot from viral video)

Social media users were left feeling all warm and fuzzy after a video of a group of dads dancing with their daughters went viral.

In the video, which was shared by US director and producer Ava Duvernay among others, the dads can be seen joining in during their daughters’ ballet classes then partnering with them for a dance routine.The video was shot a week ago during an annual event at the E’Chappe Dance Arts studio in Philadelphia, USA, reports Good Morning America.

Speaking to the publication, studio founder Erin Lee said she created the event for the dads after noticing how much they enjoyed supporting their daughters’ passion for dance.

“Here we’re really big on dance dads. They do pick-up and drop-off and are getting the girls ready for dance recitals. Year-round those dads are here and it’s very rarely acknowledged,” Erin explained.

Check out the cute video below.

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