Woman gives birth to sextuplets in 9 minutes

Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images
Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images

A woman from Houston in the United States has defied the odds to give birth to sextuplets, Ebony reports.

The Woman’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, announced that Thelma Chiaka gave birth to two sets of twin boys and one set of twin girls, all within nine minutes of each other. All six delivers occurred during 4.50am and 4.59am on Sunday morning.

There’s only a one in 4,7 billion chance of someone giving birth to sextuplets, said the hospital – meaning there’s a greater chance of winning the lottery.

After delivery the children’s weights ranged from 800g to 1,3kg. All six babies are currently in a stable condition, receiving care at the hospital’s advanced neonatal intensive-care unit. Thelma has confirmed that she has named her daughters Zina and Zuriel while the names of her sons have yet to be chosen.

As per medical regulations, the sextuplets will remain in the hospital’s neonatal intensive-care unit for several weeks or months until they are healthy enough to go home.

While she holds the recorded for fastest delivery, Thelma doesn’t hold the record for most children born at a time. Nadya Suleman (then 33) made worldwide headlines when she gave birth to eight babies in January 2009.

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