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Co-Authored by Abuti Rams & Pule Sir, Beyond Inspiration is a book aimed at activating leadership and highest level of human potential. The book covers a variety of subjects sequentially crafted to help young leaders to live significant lives because success is not enough, you need to move beyond inspiration. Beyond Inspiration looks into the root causes of many discouragements and failures that hinder one to attain success and maximize impact in society. It further examines and unpacks the innate potential of every human being that, when exposed, one can live a healthy and prosperous life.

You like many others have asked yourself why things remain the same even after being inspired so much from a powerful story you have heard. In this book, we have provided some of the practical things that are missing to add up to your motivation and inspiration. You are excited. You feel that this time will be different. “I want it bad enough. I can do this.” You say. You start making plans. Maybe, you take the first step. But then it’s gone. After a few hours or a few days, you are back to normal. Feeling mundane, doing the mundane. Why? There are two main reasons.

Problem 1: Inspiration escapes as quickly as it enters

Hunger is natural. When we ignore it, it gets stronger and stronger until all we can think about is food. Inspiration is unnatural. With the passage of time, it leaks out of our body, as if it does not belong. No surprise – it does not. Hunger comes, whether we want it to or not. Inspiration does not. That’s why we read inspirational books and videos, again and again and again and again.

But watching inspirational videos and reading uplifting stories takes time and has an inconsistent effect, sometimes getting us excited, other times leaving us bored. That’s why personal coaches and motivational speakers are so fond of positive visualization. Of imagining your desires having already come true. That’s inspiring. Unfortunately, inspiration is not enough.

Problem 2: Inspiration unconverted to motivation feels good but does not lead to action

How often have you felt excited and then done nothing to show for it?There is not some sort of excitement threshold, past which you actually start getting your goals done. Excitement is like salt water – by itself, completely useless. It takes a purifier to change it into something useful. But often, it is not enough, you need to move beyond inspiration. Beyond inspiration is living a principled life knowing who you are, what you possess and how to use what you have to achieve what you deserve.


You have just attended a motivational seminar or heard “one of the most powerful inspirational talks” in your life. You are all fired up, ready to go out and conquer the world. With great excitement, you share your life-changing experience to your friends and they too can feel the passion through the tone of your voice. “Go for it. You can do it!” they cheered. It is only fair to feel and react the way you do, after all you are human. Two days later you wake up and realise that all the goose bumps you felt are challenged by the reality you are faced with. You look around your environment to draw more inspiration, you still believe that you can make it, but reality and motivation are two worlds apart.

“How do I move from being inspired to having a proper plan of action on how to transform my life for the better?” you worryingly ask. The frustration grows and you feel as though you are right back to where you were two days ago. “Motivating your audience is not enough, you should inspire them to change their belief systems and act upon decisions they make through a transformational process rather than an information sharing session.” - Billy Selekane

Being motivated and inspired is not enough. In fact there is so much inspiration you can draw from your life that can transform your life for the better. You need to move beyond inspiration. Life as we know it is a journey without any predicted destination. It has its ups and downs.

The challenges thereof can push one to the limit. It sometimes hits you so hard to a point where you utter words like “I wish I was never born.” We often fail to understand that life is not a smooth road that we travel on without any potholes. We try things out, we sometimes fall and try again and fall again. What is important in life is not how many times we attend seminars, workshops, summits and trainings. It is not about how many times we fall, but that each time we fall, we should learn, rise up, and become better people, and live inspired lives from our failures.

Each day we can draw inspiration from simple things and people in our society because “life’s most important lessons come from ordinary people.” We, sometimes wait on big events to occur or even celebrities to come inspire us to live better lives whereas we neglect lessons taught by those who are near us.

Our way of looking at things and people around us should change. The way we see problems we go through should change. Our thought patterns and imaginations should be inspired by the little things we ignore in life. Those are the important ones we can acquire wisdom from.

Failure leads to success

Sometimes we get so caught up in success to a point we forget that failure is part of success. We are always focused on achieving the many goals we have for our lives, but what happens when motivation is drained out and inspiration is lacking in your life? You no longer perform at your peak. You feel as though you are a fraud or not giving people the best of your abilities.

You need to be reminded that failure is not fatal and falling is not final. When you go through trials and tribulations, have a different view. Think of them as challenges and tests you need to go through in order to become a better person and live an inspired life. The famously quoted innovator, Thomas Edison once observed that “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” What this means is that beyond the motivation you have been given and beyond the much inspiration you got, the only

way to make you become successful is to undergo perspiration.

This is a process of trial and error. During this process, you are definitely going to go through pain, sweat, injury, wounds and have scars to show for your hard work.

The “Aha moment,” when a creative idea comes to you in a moment of sudden inspiration or attending a motivational session, has long dominated our notion of how creative ideas are born. But that idea is limiting, especially when it comes to finding creative solutions for your problem. When going through chapters of this book will unlock some of the greatest mysteries surrounding success.

We will interrogate the most misunderstood meaning and aspects of success, the theories many hold on setting goals and how to best find closure to the things that didn’t happen even after working hard to achieve your goals and aspirations. The book will help unpack some of the fundamental perspirations that you need to go through in order to live a significant life in your generation. We will explore the basic solutions to the underlying questions you have asked yourself, one being “why am I still not successful after all the attempts I have made in my life?”

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