50 Cent disses Rick Ross after heart attack

Cape Town - It’s no secret that rappers Rick Ross and 50 Cent have had their fair share of beef over the past decade. The two have exchanged words in songs, lawsuits and even public fights on social media.

You’d think news of Rick’s reported heart attack and subsequent hospitalisation would make 50 Cent let go of their beef (at least for now), but you’d be wrong.

The 42-year-old rap mogul reportedly showed very little care in a recent social media post (now deleted) where he posted a screengrab of an article about Rick’s situation captioned: “No comment” and responded to comments with questions like, "Who gonna clean that up?" and "Wait, ya think if I sh** myself on the floor, no one’s gonna say nothing.”


Unlike 50 Cent, other celebs continued to send messages of support to Rick.