WATCH: This groom threw dust on his bride’s white dress during dance – and it’s hilarious!


We’ve seen confetti being thrown at newlyweds or even flower petals but never dirt or dust but that’s just what this Limpopo couple reported used as a sign of their joy for their special day of matrimony.  

In the viral clip, the pair can be seen dancing to a Sepedi song with lyrics that loosely translate to, “Splash the dust bride, splash the dust and always sing a hymn saying I have a shepherd.”   

And it seems like the groom wasted no time in doing just that.

The couple can be seen dancing not too far from what looks like their wedding marque and it’s the groom hurling dust all over the bride that seems to leave everyone stunned.

“Is this what is commonly referred to as “Dirty Dancing”” one user wrote making reference to the clip.

Even local celebrities were stunned by the groom’s actions, with local actress Nolwazi Ngubeni stating that she would be “livid” if she had dust hurled at her like that by the groom.

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