Bill Cosby to be sentenced for sexual assault next week


Cape Town - Bill Cosby will next week be sentenced in his rape case, according to Essence magazine.

His sentence date has been brought forward after his attempt to get the judge thrown off the case was rejected.

In a statement rejecting Bill’s request to have him removed, Judge Stephen O’Neill said, “and now this 19th day of September, 2018, upon consideration of the Defendant’s Motion for Disclosure, Recusal and For Reconsideration of Recusal, and supporting Memorandum of Law, filed September 11, 2018, and the Commonwealth’s Response thereto, filed September 13, 2018, it is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that the Motion is DENIED in its entirety.”

The comedian's lawyers filed a motion last week arguing that Judge Steven was biased because of a past political campaign and "nasty" personal conflict with prior district attorney, Bruce Castor.

In 2016, Castor testified there was a binding agreement that Cosby could not be prosecuted, but O'Neill disagreed, ruling the case could go forward.

In April, the former Cosby Show actor was found guilty by of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand without consent, while she was impaired and after incapacitating her.

During the trail more than a half-dozen women testified that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them. While more than 50 women accused the 81-year-old actor of assaulting them throughout the years.

Bill is due in court Monday for a two-day sentencing. Each charge that he has been found guilty off carries a 10-year maximum sentence.

His sentencing will also see pre-sentencing hearings held in order to determine whether he will be designated a sexually violent predator.

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