Cardi B performs in bathrobe after wardrobe malfunction


US rapper Cardi B was forced to finish her performance at the 2019 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in a hotel bathrobe after having a wardrobe malfunction.

According to BuzzFeed, the Money rapper’s colourful figure-hugging jumpsuit ripped open along her back just 10 minutes into her performance. The rapper then had to quickly get the robe and continue with her set.

“I just wanna let y'all know that my outfit rip”, she reportedly told the crowd.

“We gonna keep it moving, baby. We gonna keep it sexy. I don't know how in this robe, but we gonna do it!" she continued.

And boy, did she keep it sexy by rocking the robe over one shoulder and revealing her nude bra for all to see.

Take a look at some pictures of Cardi’s wardrobe malfunction pictures below.