Cassper Nyovest on homophobic claims: ‘I love everyone’

Cassper Nyovest (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Cassper Nyovest (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Rapper, Cassper Nyovest has responded to claims made by a fan claiming that the rapper is homophobic.

Matthew Jemi Whitehead took to twitter to share an incident that allegedly happened between him and Tito Mboweni hitmaker. Matthew claimed that Cassper had made a homophobic comment towards him when he asked to take a photo with him.

He wrote, “So I met @CassperNyovest the other day and after our encounter he said “no homo”. This is the guy who performed at gay pride. A hyper masculine statement to reaffirm his hetero status. After that he’s goons giggled- very humiliating.”

The rapper also took to Twitter to make it clear that he is not homophobic and has no problem with gay people and also apologised to Matthew for any offense that was taken.

"First of all I want to make it clear, I am not homophobic. I have no problems with gay, bisexual people, white, black. I don't have a problem with anybody. I love everyone.”

The Doc Shebeleza rapper also explained what happened between him and Matthew on the video he posted on Twitter saying, “There was something in the picture, when we took the picture and he said he 'wanted in there'. I was joking when I said, 'Hey, no homo, though'. I think he took offense."

A friend of Matthew also posted an old screengrabbed tweet from 2012 written by Cassper which he claimed that it showed Cassper Nyovest has always been a homophobic.  Matthew also posted a video of him and Cassper and said his words had been twisted by the rapper.

Speaking to DRUM, Matthew said “First and foremost, I accept his apology. I think that we all have something to learn and grow from. In the LGBT we are made to be like predators amongst heterosexual men. The statement “no homo” is a way of reinforcing your heterosexual privilege and stance. He’s apology is twisted when it comes to what really happened (I have the video and proof) and what he says doesn’t correlate with the experience and the video I had.”

He continued to say that he is still a fan of Cassper and will always support home grown content.

“I am an artist so I believe in supporting home grown content and art. I do still support him and his hustle. Kudos to him.”