Celebs in lockdown: December Streets’ members are creating tons of music and binge-watching Netflix shows

December Streets (PHOTO: December Streets Instagram)
December Streets (PHOTO: December Streets Instagram)

Indie rock boyband, December Streets might be used to having back-to-back shows, TV and radio interviews and different appearances, but now that the entire country is in lockdown, everything has slowed down – they aren’t complaining though.

We caught up with the Pretoria band to find out what each member has been getting up to.

What time do you wake up and what is the first thing you do after waking up?

Dane: I wake up at 6.30am and let my little cat, Homie, out before making my wife and myself a nice warm cup of coffee to get us functional in the morning.

Tris: Well, seeing as my life is limited to a single property for the foreseeable future, I find it imperative that I distinguish my weekends form weekdays otherwise I’ll lose my mind! So, on weekdays, I wake up at 6am consistently to keep my routine regime in check, and the first thing I do is down a cup of fresh coffee and exercise, waking me up fresh for the day! On the weekends, however, I don’t think I do wake up, because most of the time it feels like I’m back at Monday morning painfully forcing myself back into the routine.

Matt: I generally wake up at around 8am in time for morning meetings with the gang with not a minute to spare on either side. Often popping my laptop open in bed and surprising the team while I stroke my chest hair. On weekends my roommates treat me to breakfast in bed, well it was my birthday okay, I’m not harbouring slave people.

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What you eat for breakfast, lunch and supper?

Dane: I don’t normally eat breakfast in the morning and typically have my first meal of the day at around 12pm. I often have no idea what it’s going to be until I open the fridge.

Tris: Ok so I’ll admit, the one positive about lockdown is due to the lack of anything to do a lot of the time and I experiment with cooking a lot. Breakfast is typically a disgusting mix of raw oats & superfoods - chugged with a pot of coffee. For lunch I have some tuna then dinner all the stops come out! Form Asian style noodles to an oxtail potjie on the braai, I love to go big for dinners. It keeps things exciting and something to look forward to every day.

Matt: I don’t eat breakfast. I tend to have my first meal around 11am which has been quite amazing since I am home and not in the office. I have been cooking up a storm. Omelettes, poached eggs, French toast and so forth gets my tank filled for a hard day's work. Lunch is pretty standard a tuna salad with my granny’s homemade salad dressing recipe mmm. Dinner gets exciting but this is where I have to consult the roomies.

Eating more or still controlling your diet?

Dane: I wouldn’t say I am eating more during the lockdown, but I am definitely making worse food choices. I’ve been eating more snack foods than usual. Got to get that comfort food in, in lockdown.

Tris: 80% of your fitness is about what you eat so I always try to eat healthily. It’s naturally more tricky without a solid routine in lockdown and temptations are rife! But I’m trying my best to stick to a healthy/wholesome diet as much as I can.

Matt: Oh hell no, I am a skinny body so I tend to eat pretty much anything, all the time, that doesn’t smell like a pair of Tim’s undies on tour.

Between meals

Dane: Most of the day I spend working in my home office from around 8am to 5pm, then after that it flick-flaks between Netflix, video games and reading articles off Flipboard until I fall asleep.

Tris: An endless loop of work, exercise, music-making, whisky drinking and Netflix. Repeat.

Matt: Work keeps me occupied during the week. I eat all the time, illustrate, animate, design and make music for the most part. Board games, cards and batong are also on the menu from time to time. Oh, and then there is some computer and PlayStation gaming that sneaks into my evenings before I play some piano and kick it back on the couch for a good Netflix mission.

Watch list

Dane: I just finished watching series 3 of Ozark and am currently looking for something new to burry my eyes into.

Tris: My weight and the paint dry.

Matt: Well currently in lockdown, Money Heist was great.

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Dane: I normally end up going to be at around 10pm and reading for an hour before falling asleep and starting all over again.

Tris: Typically around 1/2am

Matt: Sleep is for the dead.

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