DJ Fresh on his biggest regret amidst Metro FM saga


Following being unscheduled on Metro FM until further notice, DJ Fresh has kept fans wondering if he’ll ever return to the station by posting cryptic posts on Twitter – and his latest tweet has fans fearing the worst.

Taking to his Twitter page, the Big Dawg participated in Monday’s trending hashtag #WhenMyGutSaid and revealed how he regretted not listening to Euphonik two years ago.

#WhenMyGutSaid “listen to @Euphonik ”, all of two years ago, I should have!!! Now I must call him and say “Seems as if you were right!”!!! #FML #TheBookOfEuphonza #Nonkery ,” he wrote.

Fans read between the lines and guessed that the DJ was referring to the time when he turned down an offer to work at Gauteng radio station 94.7 where he was reportedly offered a big pay cheque – which happens to be where Euphonik has a show now.

The DJ has been posting cryptic posts on Twitter, but has not divulged any information on his suspension or when he will return to the airwaves.