DJ Shimza tells us about his annual one man show

PHOTO: Shimza Dj Instagram
PHOTO: Shimza Dj Instagram

Cape Town - DJ Shimza has become a household name in the house music genre over the years and his annual one man show is a much anticipated event every year.

Now nearing the date for the 28-year-old’s show – which is on Christmas Day --  Drum caught up with him to hear more about his One Man Show.

What is your One Man Show all about?

"My one man show, is a show that I have started nine years ago. It's a show that allows me to give back to my community by donating clothes and making a Christmas lunch for the kids but also it creates jobs for the unemployed in the community."

What inspired the One Man Show from the beginning?

" I am from Thembisa, so I realized that the area does not have a lot of events that are done there and I saw an opportunity to start a festival culture in the area but also making sure it's for a good course."

What turn out are you expecting for the show this year?

"I'm expecting a good turnout because the show has been consistent in terms of growth. For the past nine years, the show has been growing not just in terms of the numbers but also in terms of the production and sponsorship."

Does the profit you make go to fundraising?

Yes it does, we buy school uniform for kids. Last year we had 400 kids and this year we expecting to have 800 to a 1000 kids."

Are there any artists that we can look out for at the show?

" I have got the biggest South African acts coming to perform at the show that I feel have been doing quite well in the industry this year. The likes of AKA, Cassper, Ricky Rick and Lady Zamar just mention a few and I also worked on getting you don't upcoming artists to open up for the big acts because I believe that we have to play our role in helping them grow as artists."