Education means the world to Skeem Saam’s Mogau

Mogau Mothlatswi. (Photo: Mogau Mothlatswi Instagram)
Mogau Mothlatswi. (Photo: Mogau Mothlatswi Instagram)

Johannesburg - Actress Mogau Paulina Motlhatswi says the cliché is actually very true; “knowledge is power”.

The actress who plays the role of Mapitsi on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam told DRUM that education is crucial, and it does not only come in the form of sitting in class with a lecturer in front of you.

“Education comes through experience, talking to people who have gone through things you might have not, etc.”

However, the 25-year-old TV star is very concerned about that education entails and how it’s delivered to young black people. “My biggest concern right now with education is what we’re being taught, especially as black females. We’re being told ‘yes, it’s possible’, but we’re not being taught the ‘how’ part and what it takes to get to a point where we own what’s ours, because it’s ours on the surface, but not really ours.”

Attending an annual event that celebrates graduates to motive people to finish school with a friend, Mogau stresses her yearning for learning, and inspiring others through her own journey.

She studied Audio-visual Communication at the University of Johannesburg and graduated in 2017, but she’s not done yet. Although still unsure, Mogau is considering furthering her studies at the University of Limpopo:

“I get a lot of support there, and I go to Limpopo often, to tell people to study and use the resources around them…so I might as well give it a try. I might do an Honours degree in sociology, or start a completely different course.”

Education has certainly given Mogau a foot in the door and helped her hone her skills. She did not study acting but got more into the world of directing.

“Getting insight into the behind-the-scenes part has been very helpful because now, I don’t act from just an actor’s perspective, but I act from the perspective of the director because I understand what they’re looking for.”

Mogau also stresses the importance of internships saying, “As an intern, people never expect you to do anything right, so you can make mistakes, and that’s where you learn the most.”