Exclusive: Sphectacula and DJ Naves on their single Bhampa

(PHOTO: Sphectacula Instagram)

Johannesburg – Sphectacula and DJ Naves have had Mzansi dancing since the release of their track, Bhampa, which features Beast, Tipcee and DJ Tira.

“We’ve always believed that a song creates its own destiny,” they tell us. “And that’s the magic of the creative process – it always tells you what extra notes to add, what to subtract and who it needs for it be the perfect song.”

The two took time off of their busy schedule to let DRUM in on how it all came about.

Tell us about the Bhampa journey?

With this song, it was us deciding that this beat was special amongst the ten other beats we got from producer Joejo. We sent it to DJ Tira who also thought it was heat.

We then came across a video of Beast doing a freestyle over a gqom beat. We and Tira reposted it [which] created a social media buzz, so we called Beast to be part of the song.

On the night we recorded the track, we spoke about a cool addition to Beast and we all thought “Tipcee!” We called her to drop whatever she was doing and come through to the studio. When she finally arrived she wrote that masterpiece of a verse in about 10 minutes.

After all the verses were recorded the intro felt empty. The song once again told Tira to just get in the booth and record something. That’s how things happened and the crazy combination of the different talents and styles to this banger really made this an awesome and unforgettable experience.

 Which crowd received Bhampa best?

It was definitely a gig in Durban – and it was great to see people’s reaction. They started to sing along when we played it for the second time.  We believe that’s how you push a song, you play it twice in your set and just watch whether it disturbs the vibe or takes it up a notch. 

Why did you choose to feature Beast, Tipcee and DJ Tira?

 We’ve always had this amazing camaraderie with DJ Tira. We get along so we’re always trying to work together, whether it’s creating music or within other ventures. 

Tipcee is a special ingredient and has her own flavour, if her verse on Bhampa is anything to go by she’s going to blow the industry away.

Beast can definitely attest to the power of social media. He has a willingness to adapt and hone a different side to his art. He has incredible work ethic. We’re pleased and blessed to have their talents on this record!

 So what inspired you?

We followed the music to the very end. We didn’t disrupt the process like we usually do by trying to make sense of things; we just let the song dictate what it wanted to be. Then we let the song rest for a couple of weeks after recording so it would be foreign to our ears and when we pressed play again it had matured and sounded like heaven. 

How long did it take to record?

It took one long but awesome night at Afrotainment. 

Any other projects fans should give a listen to?

We have another single out, Abayfuni ft Ms Gates and Nkulz, which couldn’t wait – it was released two weeks after Bhampa.

With regards to a full project, people will have to wait and see. What we can tell you is that the studio is busy, busy, busy on most of our free nights. Stay tuned!

Which dance move best goes with the song?

South Africa’s favourite dance move “iVosho”. With the gqom beats and the word bhampa you can’t help but want to vosho.