Florence Masebe is fed up with her stalker

PHOTO: Florence Masebe Instagram
PHOTO: Florence Masebe Instagram

Actress Florence Masebe is determined to find a blogger who has been harassing her.

The blogger who goes by the name Florence Flora Shoko accused the actress of plagiarising content from her blog.

She claims that the ideas in Florence’s book, The Heart Knows, are identical to hers. Florence dismissed the claims by taking to Twitter to express her anger over the allegations.

Speaking to DRUM, Florence said that the blogger had been stalking her since 2011/2012.

“Stalkers and such people do exist and these things do happen, sometimes we choose to look away but this time she has taken it too far. This person is dangerous,” an outraged Florence said.

“You cannot step onto someone’s grief like that! I will not let this person get away with this. She needs to be in jail or a mental institution. But I will find her,” she continued.

The Queen’s Rami Chuene replied to Florence’s post by saying that the stalker targets celebrities.

“My friend I know this psycho from FB. She’s accused every famous person under the sun. It’s her game all year. Don’t even entertain her, she’s got no lawyers, no backup. She lives off the social media attention. She needs a fix desperately, hoping someone will catch her bait.”

The Heart Knows documents Florence’s grief after she lost her 18-month-old son who drowned in a swimming pool at her home in Johannesburg. The book has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and has helped many mourn their loved ones.

It’s still uncertain whether the blogger’s identity is real or not, but the same person accused a number of celebrities for plagiarism, including Kelly Khumalo, Khanyi Mbau and Tumi Morake.

Speaking to DRUM, blogger Florence Shoko denied stalking the actress and said that the actress and various celebrities were the ones stalking her.

“Florence Masebe and other celebrities are the ones stalking me. The movie Elelwani is written about me and my daughter and she has the nerve to call me a psychopath?,” she asked.

"I'm not just a blogger. I have a degree in Psychology. I know better about mental conditions than she does. “

Shoko also stated that she wanted Florence Masebe to stop using her(Shoko's) family's personal details for entertainment.

“I want her to use her own personal information and not my families because we're not entertainment.”