Heavy K buys his dad a house

PHOTO: Heavy K Instagram
PHOTO: Heavy K Instagram

Having a rich, successful child is probably every parent’s dream and Heavy K’s father is living that dream.

The popular house DJ and producer has made his father the happiest dad in Mzansi today by buying him a house.

The Inde hit maker took to Instagram to share a picture of his father posing in front of his brand-new home. According to the caption on the picture, Heavy K’s father had always wished for a home and his son was more than happy to fulfil that wish.

“Never been so proud of myself like I am right now!! Daddy's New Home My New Home!! Now he has everything he always wished for! Because with God anything is possible and seeing my father's teary eyes posing next to his New Crib & Car just reminded me why I am doing this and why I could never stop!” he wrote.

Take a look at the house below: