‘I had no idea I’d become an actor’ – Nkululeko’s Aphiwe Mkefe

Cape Town-born Aphiwe Mkefe is the lead actor on the new Mzansi Magic telenovela, Nkululeko. The show is based in Cape Town’s biggest township, Khayelitsha, and sees a young man’s future placed in jeopardy when he falls in love.

23-year-old Aphiwe says although he had no idea he would end up becoming an actor – he studied journalism – his father’s influence played a big role in inspiring him to audition for the role.

“I used to listen to my dad on the radio and he used to MC at some gigs.

He was around a lot of artists and that opened my eyes to chasing dreams and doing things that are worthwhile.”

Aphiwe also says production company Bomb Productions influenced his decision to audition.

“The fact that they were behind Nkululeko motivated me to audition because they only ever let out the best content. And even though I didn’t necessarily think I’d get the lead role, I was still inspired to audition.”

On working with talented greats such as Tina Jaxa and Thoko Ntshinga, Aphiwe says the experience has been amazing. “As a young actor, I’m learning a lot and taking notes because I know how long they’ve been in the game. As someone who’s just starting out I’m excited and just absorbing and learning as much as I can from them.”

In future, the young actor plans on starring on more telenovelas, soapies and even tapping into the international market. There’s no limiting the young actor’s dreams.