'I would live in Braam' — Black Coffee on being the president of SA

PHOTO: Black Coffee Instagram
PHOTO: Black Coffee Instagram

Would you want Black Coffee as your president?

In an interview with digital content creator Dennis Ngango the We Dance Again hit-maker explained what he would do if were the president of South Africa.     

The first question was where would he live? “In Braamfontein,” he said in short. Shocked by his response, the interviewer asserted that he would be president. 

But his response was simple: “Yes, in an apartment like a loft. I want an apartment. I want to live where the people are. Obviously, quite secured, but see where people live. See people walking where people live.”

And his deputy president would be his wife.

“I trust her heart when it comes to the matters of this country. When we cry about this country we cry together,” he explained.

The interview continued and the DJ and producer spoke about making a name for himself in the country and abroad.

This year alone, the DJ announced that he was working with US Heavyweights like Diddy, Rihanna and Usher.

After all his successes, the DJ who won the Breakthrough DJ of the Year award at the DJ Awards in Ibiza still does not believe that he owned 2017.

Instead, he reveals that he doesn’t have an ambition to own a year.

“I am not one of those people who want to over perform. I think I set goals for myself. And how the public sees it, it’s a different story.”


He further said he is one guy who believes there is so much out there for him.
 “…I don’t want to sit down and not claim what’s mine. If it means I must work hard so be it.”

He stated that anything that he wants or aspires to be he works towards it. Having achieved what he has, Black Coffee admits that he is indeed living his dream.

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