Idols’ Niyaaz wants to be a star

Niyaaz Arendse. (Photo: Idols SA Twitter)
Niyaaz Arendse. (Photo: Idols SA Twitter)

Although his dream of being counted among the elite list of Idols SA winners came to an end on Sunday, Niyaaz Arendse is determined to be a star.

The 22-year-old, who hails from Cape Town, told DRUM he would be venturing into the entertainment industry as well as into fashion.

“After this I’m going to release a single because people are waiting for the music. I want to get a lot of things out there. I write my own stuff so I just want to get into studio and release music,” he said.

“I also want to take on as many projects as I can. What people don’t know about me is I sing but I do act as well. I’m going to focus on my acting and also creating fashion because I can draw well and have sketched some designs.”

Niyaaz described his Idols experience as “amazing”, and one he would remember forever.

“Just the opportunities you get are amazing. Imagine, there are over 14 million votes each week which means there are a lot of people who know you. It’s so humbling, especially when you’re at the mall and so many people are calling out your name and doing all sorts of crazy things.

“I never would have imagined to be part of a massive set with 20 dancers and all that talent. I never thought I’d work with Dr Rebecca Malope and all these amazing people. It was very cool and I’ve learnt a lot from it.”

The singer also admitted that every week was tough although it eventually got easier once he got the hang of things.

“Every week was tough. It got easier when time went on but I have to mention that the first top 16 elimination was the toughest because that was where a bulk of my friends and people I’d grown to know were leaving the competition.”